Jimmy Johns Job Application Form (Quick Guide)

Jimmy Johns is a gourmet sandwich shop outlets that operates in almost 1600 locations. There are currently 2800 shops and outlets in 43 states of the US. What began as a hot dog business grew profitably for their sandwiches when they decided to switch it to sandwich outlets overtime. They primarily operate their chains as a franchise business.

To run their business as usual, they need a lot of people everytime. Finding a job with them is thereby not hard as there are plenty of openings in almost all their outlets. But if you do not get your favorite jobs, you can keep an eye on their career page for openings from time to time. If you want a job with them, you must fill in their application form to begin with the job process.

Jimmy Johns job application

To apply for Jimmy Johns jobs, you must follow the below process.

JJ Jobs
  • Visit the website’s career page and then Search for your jobs or look for a job from the list provided in the page.
JJ Job profile
  • Read through the description and then click on the Apply tab to start the application.
  • Add your name, emails address and phone number to start your application and then add your resume in a document format.
Jimmy Johns job application
Jimmy Johns job
Submit Application
  • Click on the Submit application tab for submitting the Jimmy Johns job application.

What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Jimmy Johns jobs include;

  1. Having a citizenship proof when you go for their interviews.
  2. Providing them with your educational and previous job experience details.
  3. Entering your complete address and verifying it as and when necessary is also a part of their jobs.
  4. Different jobs require different skill sets so having them is another requirement that needs to get fulfilled.
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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility criteria for Jimmy Johns jobs are;

  • You must be 18-years-old to get a job with Jimmy Johns. However, there are some open positions for those who are 16-years-old and above.
  • Applicants cannot have a criminal background or history to have a job with them.
  • When applying for jobs, you need to remember that some of their jobs might need long hours, driving experience, long standing positions and also frequent moving around.

Salary Details

Salary details for Jimmy Johns jobs include;

  • Delivery Jobs – $8/hour,
  • Instore Team Member – $8/hour,
  • Assistant Manager – $11.50/hour and
  • General Manager – $38k/year.

Location, experience and yearly performance plays a role in the hike of their salaries. However, some of the basic salary ranges are mentioned in this article.

Jimmy Johns Job Benefits

Jimmy Johns job benefits include standard benefits like;

  1. Frequent vacations and sick leaves for Jimmy Johns positions.
  2. Free food facilities during shifts are a benefit given to all.
  3. Flexible schedules and job hours according to their choices is another opportunity.
  4. (401) K pension schemes are available to permanent employees with them.

Is Jimmy John's hiring?

Though they have many active positions, you can apply for the one that suits you by keeping a tab on their job portal.

What is Jimmy John's hiring process?

Hiring process for Jimmy Johns includes completing a few steps and eligibility requirements as given above.


To know more about their job process, click this article to find out more about it. Usually, sales and other department including their delivery unit requires frequent replacements and additions.

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