Jimmy Jazz Application Process Guide – Who is Eligible?

Jimmy Jazz began its stores 20 years ago and the demand for trendy menswear in New York City was the reason behind the creation of the stores. Their first store opened on Delancy Street in Manhattan and since then they have had more than 120 stores all around the world.

There are various job roles offered by them for different kinds of needs the stores have from time to time. If you are interested in applying for their stores, you will have to start by finding your job and then by filling up the application form.

How to Apply for Jimmy Jazz application?

Who is Eligible for Jimmy Jazz application?

Eligibility for their Jimmy Jazz application will include many different skill sets. Each job role works differently and the requirements from one job to another can be very different. Like a clerk will have separate eligibility from a storefront manager.

However, a few general rules apply to all of them including the ones given below.

  1. You need to fulfill their age requirements as it is for every job profile.
  2. Education requirements must also be fulfilled- you neither can be overqualified nor underqualified.
  3. Those who have a profession before coming to this application can add those details too.
  4. Identity wise the applicant must provide theirs when applying for the position.
  5. Add your address, phone number, valid email address and also any other way you can be reached.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Jimmy Jazz vary again from one job position to another. They vary from one job hierarchy to another.

However, you will mandatorily have to provide the following as part of the application.

  1. Your address proof is essential and must be the current address you are putting up.
  2. Include all your education certificates and add your professional degrees that support the profession.
  3. Add your email and phone number as part of the application.
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How to Apply for Jimmy Jazz application?

To apply for the Jimmy Jazz application, here is what you can do.

  • Next, click on the role type and manoeuvre through the different available positions.
  • Click on the job role and after reading the terms and conditions, before clicking on the Apply tab.
  • Include your name, email ID and mobile number for your application.
  • Add your education details and also your professional details. Include your CV/resume, last payment pay stubs and other details after submitting the application.

Salary Details/Pay per hour

Salary details will include pay per hour wages and also monthly salaries. 

From $10 per hour to $25 per hour you can get a salary that counts for you. Additionally, for higher positions, most people get benefits at the rate of an average monthly salary. The pay also differs from one state to another and is also different between states.


Is Jimmy Jazz hiring?

Jimmy Jazz is hiring every time there is a new job vacancy available with them. They are always eager to give new opportunities to people who are starting fresh in life.

Does Jimmy Jazz pay weekly or biweekly?

Jimmy Jazz pays biweekly is how it has been reported mostly by all employees and it is apart from those who receive a monthly salary.


Jimmy Jazz is an extraordinarily bright place to work and earn. With Jimmy Jazz, you can also grow your career and everyone who works there can change within collaterals and gain wonderfully from their promotions and upliftments. Enter them at a lower rank and climb the stairs as most people do. Read the article to understand how their whole application process works easily.

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