MI5 & MI6 Application Process Guide – How to Apply?

Students are searching for jobs every time they are out of their education. For some students, certain types of job suits them while for others, all kinds of jobs suit them. Some have proper avenues to pursue and others are at a loss wherein they do not have enough to pursue or practice a certain avenue.

What do general students do under such circumstances? They will look for jobs and when looking for jobs, most search for a wing they would be interested in. MI5 is the UK’s domestic counterintelligence division. If you are an inborn sleuth, the job might be for you. You can go ahead and try it. Getting a job with them will only start with their application.

How to Apply for MI5 Application?

What is the MI5 application?

MI denoted military intelligence and MI5 is the civilian agency that does not ordain you with any executive powers yet you get to run the show.

  • The function of MI5 is slightly different from MI6 and each is known for its own stand.
  • MI5 is for managing threats related to counterfeiting domestic security.
  • MI6 is more focused on external security.

Most of the MI5 missions involve dealing with espionage threats and also dealing with their foreign subversions. Countering terrorism and combating criminal activities within the country involving serious crime and even their organized version. Current roles in MI5 are mostly those that work in liaison with local police officials in the suburbs.

Who is Eligible?

Primarily four goal fulfillment policy is to be followed by an MI5 applicant.

  1. You must be a British citizen and if you are not purely Brit at least one of your parents has to be. 
  2. Additionally, you can be a citizen of either of these as well- British Overseas Territories, a British subject, British National (Overseas), British Overseas Citizen, British protected person, citizenship of the Commonwealth, citizenship of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) nationality, or citizenship of the United States of America.
  3. Deceased parents who had any of the above nationalities can also apply.
  4. If you hold dual nationality with one being that of the UK, you do not need to give up on the other citizenship. But in this case, you will need to be in the UK for your last seven out of ten years.
  5. Applications can be on from the 17th year and if your job application is accepted and you get an entry into any of the positions, you will begin work only when you turn 18.
  6. For overseas candidates, it is mandatory to return to the UK before starting the application.
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What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the MI5 will include the following;

  • Include your email address, telephone number and complete mailing address in the UK.
  • Add your educational documents to confirm your education is sufficient for the position you are applying for.
  • Include your job details if any and also add your identity details that prove you are English in every way.
  • Provide age proof to satisfy their age requirements.

How to Apply for MI5 Application?

If you wish to apply for the MI5 application, you must start in this way only to proceed with the other details.

Find yourself here when starting the MI5 application.

Choose from MI5 roles

  • You can start by choosing the role you are interested in.
  • Click on the yellow Apply Now tab as given in the above screenshot to begin the MI5 application process.
  • Complete the multiple choice questions to begin with the application.
  • Next, add details around your name, email and password details to only agree with their terms and conditions.
  • After registering, start the application by filling out the details about you and your education alongside your job experience and any other details that might make you fit for the job in any way.
  • You will need to submit your education details, identity-related information, and any other information that requires additional document support to prove it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does MI5 application take?

The vetting process and the whole application process are going to take 6-9 months. There are many rounds of interviews and a lot depends on how each round of interviews goes.

Can you apply to both MI5 and MI6?

You can apply to both MI5 and MI6 as they are two different organizations with different sets of activities. If you don’t get selected in one you can get selected in the other but you might have to check their eligibility criteria and application requirements before sending in your applications to them


MI5 and MI6 are the best you could join when working with them. You will have to fill in their eligibility requirements to know if you can suit their jobs. Once you find out your eligibility requirements match theirs, go ahead and send in your applications for the job role that suits you the best. Those applying for their jobs must be thorough with the way they can apply for their jobs.

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