Michaels Craft Store Application Starting Salary Details

As it is a retail craft store, applicants can earn from the store only if they have an artistic bent of mind. If they have what it takes to patiently help customers choose their craft needs, you can expect a job offer from them. Michael Craft store jobs are some of the best in the market and retail jobs with them are fun, lively and uniquely positive.

How to Apply for Michaels craft store application?

However, to work with them, you have to send them your job application. Set your preferences by adding the job details for the position of your choice and wait for their approval. Before applying though it would be nice to read the application requirements and eligibility details from the below article.

Who is Eligible for Michaels Craft Store Job?

To work in Michaels Craft store, you must at least fulfil these eligibility criteria. Each job however will have a different eligibility requirement.

  1. You must be a minimum of 16-years old to apply for a job role in the Michaels craft store.
  2. Applicants must have basic high school degree and accounting skills for having a job with them
  3. You must be interested in arts and crafts if you wish to have a job with them where you help out people in making their art choices.
  4. Those with little or no experience can try for their beginner job roles and if they have a bit of experience in retail, they can try for managerial positions.
  5. You must not have a criminal history and also shouldn’t have a disability that prevents you from doing a job.

What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Michaels crafts store include having these details.

  1. There are many physical requirements for doing a job with them as per the job role. Each job role has its specification that you must refer to when applying.
  2. If you have any prior experience or education requirements for the job profile, you must add all the details.
  3. Add an identity card with the application or after being called for the interview.
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Michaels craft store application

To apply for Michaels craft store application, you must follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the link and sign up for their jobs. If you are new, you will need to register yourself.
  2. Include your personal details, professional and educational details.
  3. Insert ways in which you can be contacted if required. Add your complete mailing details, email ID and phone number.
  4. Once you have filled in the details for your chosen job, submit your profile and wait for their reply.

Salary Details

The management positions can earn almost upto $65K and even part-timers can earn an average of $11.50 per hour in their jobs. Salary details vary from one job position to another, as per educational requirements, experience and also from one state to another in the US.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Michaels craft store hiring?

They hire whenever they have an open position and those who wish to apply with them must keep a tab on their career page.

How much does Michaels craft store pay an hour?

Hourly pay at Michaels craft store can range from anywhere from $8.88 to $16.93 an hour. The average pay rate is $11.91 per hour.

Are Michaels craft stores closing?

Apollo Global Management is buying the Michaels craft stores for $22 per share. The leverage purchase rate was $3.3 billion which is being paid as a transition price to the company.


Even though Apollo Global Management is buying the company, there are no changes announced regarding the activities performed by the company and no workforce changes are also visibly seen within the company. Thus, you can still apply for the available and new job roles that appear on the company job board.

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