How to check Vahan application status for driving license renewal?

The Vahan application portal was launched in 2006. The site is maintained and run by RTO (Regional Transport Office, or Road Transport Office), and they have an elaborate process of application known as the Vahan application. They are responsible for the record keeping of the automobile data system within India and also serve as a driver database for all the Indian states.

Every state has an RTO, which is responsible for driving licence and vehicle registration document provisioning. This application helps you with the registration process, provides permits, taxation, and issues enforcements for the whole country.

After you file an application with them, you must also know how to check the application status Vahan. To know the application status, you must read the process details as they are given below. To check your application status online, you also need to create an online portal for yourself in your application. After you create an online portal, you can login anytime to view even more details.

How to check Vahan application status for driving license renewal?

You can call Vahan services by calling +91-120-4925505 or by writing a mail to [email protected]. To know your application status, Vahan, you will need to go through the below steps.

  • The first step is to visit the link provided here. Once you are in the link, you will find what all licenses you can apply for from here. It includes learner’s, driver’s, conductor’s, and driving school licenses, and you can also check the application status from here.
application status Vahan
  • Choose the state where you wish to take the service from, and then it will take you to the next screen. Select the service you wish to take from the available options.
Vahan services
  • Now enter the details that they need to show your application status. It includes the application number, birth date, and you must also complete the captcha before you submit the application. If you have submitted the application through e-Mitra, e-district portals, you can click on the link present on the extreme right end of your browser..
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Vahan application

After you submit the requisite details, wait until you know your application status Vahan.

How much time required approving Vahan application?

It differs from one state to another and also depends on the type of vehicle that is undergoing the Vahan registration process and the type of Vahan application that is submitted.

Usually, you will need to follow up with the department to find out more about the amount of time it will take to approve the Vahan application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to cancel Vahan application?

You can know your application status Vahan and if after that, you want to cancel your Vahan application, you will need to click on the link as it is here.

  • Now, choose the state, and then move on to the Others tab.
  • Click on Cancel to cancel the application.

Alternatively, you can visit the website using this link.

  • Add your registration number.
  • Incorporate your chasis number that is the last five characters.
  • Include your application number.
  • Click on the show details tab and then press the cancel application tab.

What do you need to submit as documents for your Vahan application?

You need to submit the following documents and will also need to send them to [email protected].

  • Request letter on the letterhead
  • Application form
  • Send the approval certificate
  • WMI code must also be added
  • GST certificate
  • Incorporation or MSME certificate also needs to be sent.

What do you need for a new vehicle registration?

You will need the following forms to make a new vehicle registration.

  • Completely fill out Forms 20 and 21
  • Valid vehicle insurance policy/cover note
  • Address proof duly attested for the vehicle that is registered.
  • Form 34 signed by owner and financer
  • Road tax and prescribed registration fee
  • A valid fitness certificate
  • PAN card/Form 60/61


If you wish to submit a Vahan application, you simply need to follow the process mentioned for initiating and filling out the application form. Once all your documents are verified, your user ID will be generated. You’d need to change the password as soon as you receive your user ID and password. Every organization will receive only a single user ID and password. Know your application status Vahan directly through the online portal, which is the easiest and safest way to check the progress on your application.

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