Spark Driver Application Process & Not working Solution

Earning through driving is one of the best ways available to men. Compared to carrying people in taxis, cargo taxis have been trending off late. Many drivers are finding good, steady income from driving and due to the economic upliftment that works around people involved in driving, this job is gaining precedence.

No job is bad as long as it involves hard labor, mental work and an upright way of living. Driving with Spark Driver can exactly offer you all this. Spark driver app will connect driving gig workers with the most requirements available around them.

If you have a vehicle with a valid driver’s license and want to add some extra money to your pocket, try going with an independent contractor called Spark Driver. They have tagged up with Walmart stores and anyone with a vehicle and a driver’s license can tag up with them. As many rides you can deliver, you will get paid accordingly. All you need to do is drop off orders from your nearest Walmart store to the customer homes around the place you wish to drive.

Not Working Solution

If your application is not working try the below steps.

  • Make sure, you are using latest version of Spark App.
  • Check for you wifi connection or interent connection.
  • Close and reopen the app can also sometimes solve the problem.

Spark Driver Application Requirements

If you want to know more about the Spark Driver application process, the first step is to know more about the application requirements.

Here’s what you will need to fulfill the application requirements.

  1. Users must have a valid driver’s license to get through the Spark Driver position.
  2. You must be at least a minimum of 18 years old to get through their requirement list.
  3. The users must have insurance proof for the vehicle and you as a driver.
  4. Those individuals who wish to apply must have a valid social security number (SSN)/ITIN/EIN.
  5. Anyone who wants to be a driver must have a mobile phone that is capable of supporting the Spark Driver app. It should have a flash and GPS enabled.
  6. There mustn’t be any driving record errors and a clean driving record is extremely essential.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for Spark Driver application includes fulfilling the following criteria.

  1. Each driver must pass a criminal background check that is done by the company.
  2. Anyone who applies must have the ability to lift at least 50 pounds of weight on an average daily basis.
  3. You must have your car registered with DDI to ensure the size of the orders matches your vehicle size.
  4. After you apply, they might hold your application until Walmart needs more drivers.
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How to Apply for Spark Driver Application?

The application process for becoming a Spark Driver can be done online from official website.

Spark Driver Application
  • Start by searching for the region you wish to drive as a Spark Driver. Once you do, it will ask you to locate the area where you would want to work.
Spark Driver online
  • Locate the map and then click on the blue button located below the map to sign up with Walmart.
Application Spark Driver
  • Set up your Walmart Account and to start with, enter your username, password, email ID and phone number.
Walmart Account
  • In the next segment, add your name and then click to accept the privacy policy of Walmart and also accept the digital wallet terms.
check Spark driver application status

After completing the registration, you can go ahead and fill out the Spark Driver application form.

Apart from your personal information, you must add your driving experience, driver’s license details and also your social security number, prior occupation details and a few other prompts. Once done submit your Spark Driver application and you will soon be notified of their waiting list. However, no one will intimate you about the wait time for the Spark Driver application process.

How to check Spark driver application status?

Everybody who fills out the application form will receive periodic updates from them via email or SMS. You can also click on their online portal or request them an update on your application status.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Spark Driver a good job?

The earnings are decent for each Spark Driver and if that makes a difference then the job is definitely a good one that is adding value to your life’s quality.

What is Spark Driver app?

The Spark Driver app enables the drivers to accept orders, and initiate and complete deliveries. They can work for different retail stores and need not only work for Walmart when registered with Spark.

How do I sign up for Spark Driver?

Your name, username, password, email address, and telephone number need to be added for signing up with Spark Driver.


Spark Drivers can earn somewhere between $20 per hour and above. If this amount of money makes a difference, then it is essential you know the Spark Driver application process. Through this article, you can find the answers to all the essential questions.

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