How to do Dressbarn Credit Card login & Pay Bill Payment Online?

The Dressbarn credit card has an online login facility and people can easily get to their credit card information, bill statements, and also make payments for them. The online credit card account gives them access to their transaction history, login, and bill payment procedures. The credit card is given by Comenity Bank and everyone who takes the credit card gets 10% off for their first purchase.

You will need to apply for a credit card and also create an online account. With the help of credit card, your purchase and payment options are more. It means you have more freedom for the bill payment.

As a credit card owner, you will also get a lot of other benefits. You will get a welcome kit offer and exclusive card member coupons will come to you from them. For any sales events, you will always receive an invitation beforehand. Consumers can claim additional cards paying no extra cost to authorized buyers.

How to do Dressbarn Credit Card login?

Without logging into your online account, you can never check your account information correctly.

1: Visit the Dressbarn credit card login site i.e.

2: Include the username and password and then click on the Sign-in tab.

Dressbarn credit card payment

3: If you want to set up your online access, you must add your last name, social security number, or ITIN and birth date before clicking on the Get Started option.

credit card payment

Complete a short form and add up all the necessary information. Once you submit it, you will get an account activation mail in your mailbox.

Click on the account activation tab and start using your online credit account.

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How to pay Dressbarn credit card bill payment online?

To opt for online payment through the Dressbarn site, you must follow the below steps.

1: Log in to the given site by entering your login credentials.

online credit card payment

2: Go to the Payment option and then visit the Billing segment.

3: Enter your credit card or current account information and also the bill amount that you want to pay.

4: If you have not created your account, you need to create it by pressing on the set up online access tab.

5:  Add your last name, social security number, or ITIN, and your date of birth. Now, click on the Get Started tab.

payment phone number

How to cancel Dressbarn credit card

If you wish to cancel the credit card, you must call the credit card phone number 1-800-DRESSBARN (1-800-373-7722) or write to the email address [email protected] and they can help you out.

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Customer Service Number

The customer service number is (800) 373-7722 is for inquiries.


What is Dressbarn credit card Payment Phone Number?

The payment phone number for credit inquiries is (888) 427-7790.

What is Dressbarn credit card Payment mailing address?

The payment mailing address is Dress Barn, P.O. Box 659704, San Antonio, TX 78265-9704.


This is all about the credit card login and payment details. The Dressbarn credit card is not available to any of the new applicants and they did not give any new credit cards after 31-OCT-2019. If you have more questions, you can follow 1-800-695-6950, and Comenity Bank issues the credit card.

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