Five Guys Job Application: Know Eligibility, Salary & Benefits

There are almost 1000 locations across the US, UK, and Canada where you can find their stores. Their burgers are served within a fun atmosphere and to serve such burgers they need quality people to serve it. You could take up their jobs if you like Five Guys and want to make a career with them; you could try them out by filling out the Five Guys job application.

The average age for finding work with Five Guys is 16 years and above. If you are inexperienced, you can still find work with them and gain experience while working with them. The least you get paid in their jobs is close to $8.00 to $9.00 every hour.

Steps for Five Guys Job Application

Click on the following link to start the application process.

  • The site is for finding jobs in the UK, and once you enter the site look for the Apply tab.
Five Guys jobs
  • After clicking on it, go for the jobs or fill-in the search criteria to find the right job for you.
Five Guys apply online
  • Click on the location for which you seek the position. Read through your job role to start the application.
Open positions Five Guys
  • Read all the necessary information before starting the application process and scroll down to the Apply Now tab.
five Guys online apply
  • You will have to confirm you are fine filling up personal information.
requirements Five Guys
  • Use an email to register with them.
Five Guys apply eligibility
  • Fill in all the general information and also your personal, professional, and other details in the provided space. Once done, click on the Submit tab to complete the Five Guys application.

What are the application requirements?

The application will require the following criteria fulfillment.

  • Only efficient multi-taskers can apply for the positions present with Five Guys.
  • An employee might have to spend five hours in a standing position for the job so one must be ready for it when applying.
  • Ability to work with $8 to $9 per hour as a starting salary for the starting jobs.
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Who is eligible for Five Guys Job Application?

Eligibility includes the following points;

  1. You must be a minimum 16-year old for getting the jobs, though there are only a few jobs out there for a 16-year-old.
  2. You must be a legal citizen of the US or Canada or at least a permanent citizen or someone with the legal ability to be in the country for a purpose.
  3. You should possess a valid email address, phone number, and also a valid US address.

Job Benefits

The job offers a certain number of benefits which include the following;

  • The 401 (k) retirement plans come in handy.
  • They offer health insurance plans and also provide paid vacations.
  • The company gives a free meal to each of the employees during the shift.

Salary for Five Guys Job?

The salaries begin at $8-$9 per hour and at an assistant manager level, one can earn from $28,000 to $35,000. One can earn more than $35,000 per year and up to $55,000 every year.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What age do you have to be to work at Five Guys?

If you want to find work with Five Guys, you will have to be 16-year-old.

Is Five Guys hiring?

It is always hiring in anyone or the other stores and it may not be hiring in your locality but somewhere else. If you want to work only in your town or county, ensure you keep a tab on their website for various job vacancies.

Is Five Guys a good place to work?

If you love selling burgers then this is the place you got to be, as it does not serve one but 250, 000 different types. With some of the best industry can offer, you will find a lot of job satisfaction with them.


It is one of the best burger-selling units and working with them can bring you job satisfaction as well as loads of benefits. The job offers several benefits and also has several ways to satisfy their employees. Read more about the application, salary, and benefit details from this post.

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