Geep Loan Application Form (Check Eligibility)

What is a Geep loan application?

GEEP is a loan program that is specifically designed for small businesses to give them loans followed by a convenient time for repayment. The Nigerian government arranges the GEEP program to help their small businesses. The process is a very simple one that needs to apply through the official platform and if the person or the business is eligible, then the loan money will be sanctioned.

The Government Enterprise & Empowerment Programme was launched in year 2016 whose only aim is to provide collateral credit that is too free to the small enterprises that are specifically operating at the bottom of the Nigerian economic pyramid.

How to apply for Geep Loan Application?

Geep Loan Application

GEEP agents do GEEP applications and registrations and there is no paperwork involved. These agents will collect the bio data of the applicant and the process will thus begin.

For the registration or application of the loan, one can visit the website of GEEP and contact them through WhatsApp or through the contact details that are provided there. After that, the agents will contact you and the further proceedings will start.

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Application Requirements

Every trader, artisan & farmer in Nigeria is eligible for the GEEP and the requirements are as per as the loan one will take. There are three loan types and according to the requirements follows.

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One needs all details about the business he or she is carrying, then personal data which is collected by the GEEP agents and stored as electronic media.


If someone is applying for the tradermoni, then it has to be a petty business which is 6 monthly interest-free loans. And the business has to be petty artisans or trading business. Next, if you are applying for the farmermoni then the business that you need to have is an agricultural specifically a small farm in the rural area.

The last is marketmoni for which the business has to be of vulnerable market women. These are some criteria that you have to fulfil in order to apply for a specific loan.

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How to check Geep Loan Application Status?

After application, you will receive a reference id with that you can WhatsApp or contact them through their website.

GEEP loan for Npower: How long does it take?

It hardly takes a few days for the loan to get sanctioned, and immediately the money is transferred.

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