P-EBT Texas second round deposit dates? When will it arrive?

The pandemic has definitely not been healthy for many families around the world including the United States. In this scenario, the government is doing all that it can to support the people of the different states and counties.

Texas recently announced the release of the second round of food benefits for its people. Children who cannot avail of free or decreased-price food in schools will be covered under this program. The government is giving off funds for every child through the P-EBT (Pandemic electronic benefit transfer) program.

P-EBT Texas second-round deposit dates

Currently, the P-EBT Texas deposits are a one-time event. The government is currently paying $6.82 for a day’s meals (two meals and a snack). The average number of school days is calculated by consulting the school dates for some of the regular schools of Texas.

The amount is to be deposited by 28th May in the present Lone star card if it is for a SNAP family that does not need to apply.

If a SNAP family bears children after 1st August 2014, they must have received the benefits between May and June of the academic year.

If there is a SNAP family which needs to apply for the P-EBT, the amount will be sent to them as soon as their application is approved within two to five weeks.

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P-EBT Texas second round when will it arrive?

The second round of amounts have arrived on the cards by 28th May for families receiving SNAP benefits. For families that began receiving SNAP benefits after 28th May, and have children born after 1st August 2014 need to apply for the P-EBT benefits.

How to check P-EBT Texas status?

You can contact the P-EBT Texas group at 833-442-1255 from Monday to Friday between 08:00 am and 06:00 pm central time.

P-EBT Texas December dates

The summer P-EBT in December will start on 29th November. If you have applied for P-EBT online application or automatically received the benefits as part of the SNAP scheme, you will get your summer P-EBT cards between 29th November to 3rd December.

For those families that do not receive SNAP benefits, and have become eligible for the P-EBT benefits now, with receive a P-EBT card loaded with funds by 27th December.

Summer Deposit dates

Summer deposits through collective school enrollment are a possibility. Some payments were made by 15th October.


Here’s a bit about the P-EBT Texas summer programs and if you have applied or wish to apply, confirm more about the processes involved from here.

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