kyeop go ke application form cycle 6 registration Online

The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) is such a program in Kenya that aims in improving the employment of the youth of Kenya by supporting them. This is a support system that the KYEOP provides to the youth by training them, then provide them with internship opportunities also help them settle their own business. This uplifts the youth of Kenya and makes their independence. Cycle 6 is the 6th phase of this program and the application for that is known as cycle 6 application and if one qualifies in the criteria then he or she will get the grant.

How to get application form cycle 6?

kyeop go ke application form

If you wish to do kyeop go ke registration online that too for cycle 6 then you need to visit the online website of the program and get your form from there.

kyeop go ke application form cycle 6 registration online?

The applications are still on and all the details are there on their official website or one can register themselves from here as well kyeop register. After you fulfill all the details and eligibility criteria you can get started with the thing. Before registration goes through properly, the eligibility criteria that are there for the kyeop application form online 2021. The rules are although pretty much the same but it’s better to check.


The date range in which you can apply is 7th of July to the 4th of August for the year 2021. After that, a next phase may be introduced.

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  • Your age must be between 18-29 years
  • You must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Disclose your occupation status
  • Gives details about your education and skills
  • Give all the personal details


The benefits of this program are many and people who get qualified and get are very lucky. One can learn so many things from this project also can develop a very good career from here. The partners who are associated with this project are of a very high standard and there is a pool of opportunities here. The project teaches so much to the youth which works best for the country as well as for its youth. This project makes one independent and helps one have a great life.

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