How to fill out CSU application? (Check Deadline details)

California State University (CSU) is made up of twenty-three separate universities, and one unified application will get you into any of them. Most people consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and are grateful for admission to their colleges and universities.

Most students looking for a career and a future always end up in one of the numerous career-making opportunities available.CSU offers more than one choice, and all you need to do is begin your hallmark journey with them.

In the future, you can apply for the fall, summer, spring, and winter of 2023. Different campuses, however, have different application deadlines. To apply for jobs, you need to follow up on the dates and the deadlines.

CSU application deadline spring

The deadlines for CSU applications for the spring of 2023 ranged from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

However, applications for the summer of 2023 are still being accepted, with dates ranging from February 1 to February 28, 2023.

The fall application period, which began on October 1, 2022, ended on November 30, 2022.

CSU application deadline for transfer students

The deadline for transfer students is 1 February 2023 for the spring semester, and for the fall, the earliest date is 1 August 2023.

You must submit your application and consider getting selected for their scholarship programme with proper access to CSUSA. By June 1st, all supporting documents and attachments must be received.

The CSU application deadline for summer session is March 1, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis after that date.

Ideally, apart from the general admission status dates, you can use this link to find out if any of the campuses are still accepting applications.

CSU application

CSU application deadline extension

There is a list of extended closing dates for different admission seasons at CSU.

Admission Extension for Closing DateCourses involved in 2023
13th of January, 2023Domestic Students, Session One Admissions
30 June 2023Domestic Students, Session Two Admissions
October 27, 2023Domestic Students, Session Three Admissions
12th of January, 2024Domestic Students: Session Four Admissions

How much are CSU application fees?

The application fee per campus is $70, and there are some students who might even qualify for a fee waiver. Those who receive a fee waiver can apply to as many as four campuses for each application term. The only condition you need to fulfil is that approved waivers cannot be transferred from one session to another.

How do I get a fee waiver for my CSU application?

To get a fee waiver for your CSU application, you must use any of the following measures:

  1. You can receive a waiver if you get a SAT or ACT waiver.
  2. A common app fee waiver is another option to try.
  3. Receive the National College Fairs (NACAC) application fee waiver. Fill out the economic need segment and add the situation due to which you want to apply for a waiver. A school official or a community-based organisation must confirm the same.
  4. You can try to apply for the Common App fee waiver. You need not provide any documentation and must choose at least one of the following qualifications to go ahead: Free and Reduced Lunch Program from the Federal Government, ACT/NACAC or College Board fee waiver, Pell Grant eligible, TRIO program, or veteran active service member
  5. Ask the college to which you are applying for a fee waiver.
  6. You can apply to colleges that do not have application fees, and there are almost a hundred such colleges.

CSU fee waiver income requirements

The CSU fee waiver eligibility requirements include fulfilling the following criteria:

  • You should not be in an extension programme as an undergraduate student.
  • To get the waiver, you must have been a California resident for a year or more.
  • An US citizen or legal immigrant status holder qualifying for an AB540 non-resident tuition exception can apply for it.

Additionally, do not err in the following segments:

  • The same dollar amount in the adjusted gross income field and the untaxed income field can drop you in trouble.
  • If your family size is one and you report a dependent, your application will be rejected immediately.
  • Those who claim to live in no US state are also ineligible for the CSU fee waiver.

CSU application coupon code

There are several coupon codes that work for CSU applicants and some of these would be as the ones given below; Here is a 50% discount code: NOWFREE & UOPXALUMNI.

CSU online coupon code

Even this one to say: EXTRA10

Code CSU

There are many more such coupons that students can look for if they really want to use one.

How to fill out CSU application?

To complete the CSU application, you must do the following:

  • For the Cal State application, you need to first get to this link, choose the semester for which you wish to apply, and then click on the Apply Now tab.
  • Next, you must register an account with them so that you can start your application process. The account registration can be done by adding the following details:
Cal State Application
  • Include your name and contact information at the start of the registration application. It can include your email address and phone number.
Create Account CAL
  • Add your text and phone authorizations, username and password, terms and conditions, and European Union data protection details.
CSU CAL registration
  • Choose the type of application path you will be taking. A freshman, transfer, graduate, international, or teaching credential path could be pursued.
  • Add the personal details at the start of the application, and then proceed with your educational and other essential details, like your scores and records, including your references.

CSU application guide

The CSU application means creating a registration profile. The online profile that you can create will help you complete your extended application.

  1. Once you are in your online account, click on the “extended profile” tab that comes below the “My Profile” segment. You can see it below your name, CAS ID, and then the help center tabs.
  2. You will have to fill in your degree goals, which means you have to indicate the necessity of your taking this course.
  3. Select your US military status as well as your international applicant information.
  4. Choose the programme you wish to apply for after selecting a program, and then, after you have filled everything out, you must review your application. Submit the CSU application guide as and when you are done with it.
  5. Your application will be subdivided into four different segments that include personal information, academic history, supporting details, and other programme materials.
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Requirements for a CSU fee waiver would include the following:

  • Adding your social security number
  • Details of your residency and your complete mailing address
  • You must submit the required number of recommendations and payment.
  • If you need a tuition fee exemption, you can apply for one with them.
  • Transcripts that are both official and unofficial, including high school and college transcripts
  • Credit card records or PayPal account details are also a must.
  • You may need to tell them about your parents’ annual income so that they know if you can afford the course.
  • Educational degree certificates and mark sheets, as well as any other qualification information. Enter your educational qualification as well as your graduation status. Include the number of colleges you have attended to date.
  • Check and also correlate your AG totals, and then find out if they match.
AG subject CSU


There are several eligibility criteria that one must fulfil to get into CSU.

  1. Your high school degree courses are considered by the colleges and universities.
  2. Grades in your A-G courses are also considered.
  3. High school graduation degree quality and other details need to be found out.


There are several benefits of a degree from CSU, and some of them are highlighted below:

  1. You can afford your education here, unlike many other organizations.
  2. Create around you an engine of social mobility and study in a place where people prefer and believe in a student’s success.
  3. There is no discrimination whatsoever, and all are welcome to join the university.
  4. It offers individuals a world-class faculty and harnesses a bridge that goes across the digital drive.
  5. It is teeming with talented people and generates new orders through innovation and research.
  6. It harnesses a worldwide global alumni network that you can always use to your advantage.

How to submit application?

When submitting the CSU application, these are some guidelines that can help you.

  • Once you tap the submit button at the top of your application, you will be taken to the page where you will be asked to enter the invitation code.
  • After you enter the invitation code, which is primarily the extended dates of the program, and once you click on the Submit tab, you will be able to submit the application to all universities and colleges at once.
  • You will come to the application summary page, where you will need to review the application, and then you must submit your payment.
  • Once you submit your payment, you can go ahead and submit your CSU application.

How to check CSU application status?

Usually, the most common way of knowing the status of your CSU application is via the mail that you receive from the respective college or university where you applied.

Additionally, you can always login to your online portal and find out the application status for yourself.

A typical final admissions decision takes between eight and twelve weeks.

How to update application?

To make changes, you need to contact your campus immediately with all the required and updated information. Basically, once you have submitted your CSU application, you will not be able to make any more changes to it except by contacting the campus.

How to add dual enrollment to CSU application?

Dual enrollment courses need to be strictly entered by the schools as to which subjects is dual enrollment level for the CSU application.

  1. Make an account for yourself in the site and try and complete the GAfutures CSU Undergraduate application.
  2. You will need to submit the test scores like ACT, SAT and ACCUPLACER scores.
  3. Submit the AP/IB scores and also your official high school transcripts electronically.
  4. Next, complete the Dual Enrollment Participation Agreement and then sign and also must be completed by the student, parent or guardian and even the high school counselor.

How to change major on CSU application?

Once you have completed all of the prerequisites for the next major you wish to pursue and have established a successful career in the same field,Also, the ability to accommodate additional students in the given major programme is a necessity.

Complete the “What If” report and also fulfil the additional requirements in your MyCSULB Student Center.

Next, visit the advisor of the department that you want to visit for your second major. If the college agrees with the advisor, a request for the same would be submitted by them to the registrar’s office on your behalf.

After the Registrar approves it, you will need to check your email, which will reflect a second major in your student records

How to enter middle school classes on CSU application?

To access middle school classes, go to the lowermost Math segment and select the miscellaneous other school tab. Add your middle school’s name, the class you took, and the school year when you took the test.

CSU Long Beach acceptance rate

As calculated the CSU Long Beach acceptance rate is extremely less and goes down to as low as 42.1%.

How long does CSU application take?

Most students are successfully getting a decision within four weeks. Usually, it can go as long as eight weeks but most students state of getting a response by then.

CSU application process

The CSU application process involves application online where you must select a center, then send in your application and also arrange for the payments. Once you have submitted the application, you must wait for their approval and after you receive it, go ahead and find out what all you will need to attend college.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What time are CSU applications due?

Applications are due on 31st January 2023 and these are the extended timelines. Already the due dates are over and if you want to apply, try doing it while the extension of the date remains.

What is the deadline for CSU application Fall 2023?

The application deadline for the CSU Fall due date is October 1, 2022- November 30, 2022.

Will CSU deadline be extended?

CSU has already extended the deadline and those who want to apply must do so by the given extended deadlines.

What GPA do you need to get into a CSU?

Freshmen must stick to a GPA score of 2.5 or more. Those who have got a percentage between 2 and 2.49 can apply which will be taken care of if and when there are supplemental arrangements available.

Can I apply to CSU for spring 2023?

You cannot currently apply for the CSU for spring currently instead can do it for the summers.


All about CSU is here for you, and if you want to find out the details, use the information available here so that you can keep a detailed record of everything. CSU gives a fair chance to everybody, and the day you join them, you will be capable of accessing the benefits you get by being with them.

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