Time2play Buffet Tester Application [Winning Prize]

Every food industry has a tester position as food and beverages need to undergo strict testing before their quality is marked and sealed. Food tester is a position many are interested to take up. If you wish to learn about the new summer job hand, this article is then for you.

What is Time2Play?

Time2play buffet tester application is an invitation from one of the casinos in Las Vegas, Time2play who is on the lookout for a buffet tester in Las Vegas. The job role of the person will involve a review of the largest culinary buffet setting.

The position is not a permanent one and involves taking up a position that will be a one-time arrangement. The application does not require much from your end and it will be as easy as eating a cake. All you need to do is tell them why you would be the best buffet tester for them.

Steps for Time2play Buffet Tester Application

The application is all about why you are the person who should be selected for the job. If you have the answer, you should fill in the application. To apply for the Time2play Buffet, you will have to take up the following steps.

  • Visit https://time2play.com/buffet-tester/#apply to start the application process.
Buffet tester application
  • The application asks you first to fill up your complete name, date of birth, and email contact details.
Apply Now for Buffet Tester
  • Last of all fill in the reason as to what can make you the best buffet tester.
Las Vegas Casino Buffet Tester

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What are the Application Requirements?

People who have earlier worked as a tester know that most in this job go by their name. If you do not have some experience, you should look more into their application requirements which include the following;

  1. You must be a US citizen and to prove it, you need to present an ID.
  2. It is a summer job and you will just not get paid for it, you will also get some good treats on the way.
  3. To become a buffet tester with them, you must be 21 years or more.
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Time2Play Buffet Tester Eligibility

Eligibility conditions for the Time2play buffet tester application are not stringent except that they ask you to fulfill the following;

  1. You will need to provide proof that you are eligible for entering the job.
  2. You can only apply once as there is a limit to the number of times a person can send in their application for the same job position.
  3. You will also need to prove that you are eligible to claim the prize after entering the job.

Job Benefits

A few benefits will be thrown in your way if you accept the job role of the Time2play buffet tester and these are;

  • You will get $500 for testing their buffet.
  • The buffet tester will also get a free ride to the city from your location easily.
  • You will get luxury accommodation and you can bring in company also.
  • Additionally, you and your company get to enjoy four of Las Vegas’s biggest buffets.
  • They will also send you soft Lululemon sweatpants for you to feel comfortable.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Prizes for the winner?

Prizes for the Time2play buffet application winner include the following;

  • A cash prize of $500 will come your way.
  • You will also get to enjoy four grand buffets with a partner or friend.
  • Staying is sponsored in one of the best places in Vegas.
  • Your flight or travel in any form will be sponsored by Time2play.


If you have previously worked as a food tester with some experience in the field, feel free to go ahead and read this article about the Time2play buffet tester application for more information on the recently available option.

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