How to Apply for Civil service exam in Philippines?

Every country conducts its civil service examinations post which civil servants are recruited for different roles and responsibilities. If you are a Philippines citizen interested in the civil service exams, here’s some essential information for you.

One of the most coveted exams is the dream of almost every single Philippines citizen. Due to COVID-19 in the past two to three years, there were massive delays in the exam schedules, however, 2022 is one year when there will be more regulated services and offers. However, given precautionary measures are still in place and people still fear COVID uprising, the exam, registration, and application dates have been kept tentative still.

If COVID-19 situations remain under control, they would start to open the application from 12-18 April, 2022 and the exam for the general public is to be taking place on 19th June 2022.

Applications are on a first come first serve basis for the general public. The exams are held for non-elected public servant positions and are executed for the Civil Service Commission.

How to Apply for civil service exam in the Philippines?

Applying for the civil service exams is a lengthy procedure and to apply for the civil service exam in the Philippines, you must try out these steps.

  1. Download the CSC application form from their website.
  2. Fill and attach relevant documents to the application form. It can include your ID copies and other essential documents.
  3. Use your signature and thumbprint in the presence of an action officer.
  4. Pay the required amount to the cashier.
  5. Move to the Action Officer with your processed application.
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What are the application requirements?

One needs to attach the following requirements to the application.

  1. Four passport size photographs with many specifications of which few are;
  2. Colored photo with white background
  3. Print on good quality paper
  4. The photo should be shot in a standing close-up position.
  5. Your left and right ears, and full face must be visible.
  6. Any valid government ID
  7. Application form with complete document

Who is eligible for Civil Service Exam?

Eligibility for Civil Service Examination in the Philippines includes;

  • You must be a Filipino citizen for appearing in the Philippines civil service exams.
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old for opting for the civil service exam.
  • One needs to have a good moral character with no criminal records per se with no offensive records.
  • Dishonorable dismissal from any government services like the military, police, or jail.
  • Exams attempted within 3 months of career service examination either through PPT or CSC Computerized Exam will not be eligible.

Civil service exam schedule of filing online application

Civil service exams 2022 schedules include;

Exam dateExam nameApplication duration
13-03- 2022CSE Professional and Sub-professionalJanuary 12-January 27, 2022
19-06-2022CSE Professional and Sub-professionalApril 12- April 28, 2022

CSC online registration appointment and scheduling system

You have to do a CSC online registration using the given link i.e

Civil service commission PhP

You can do registration by adding your email and password in the given spaces and clicking the login tab.

How to do Civil service exam Registration?

Registration will require clicking on this link.

Add your name, and other details to complete the registration process and start the application process.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How many times can you take Civil Service Exam in Philippines?

There are no limits as to how many times one can take the civil service exams.

How many civil service exams in the Philippines in a year?

There are two civil service exams conducted in the Philippines, one in March and another in August every year.


If you wish to take the Philippines civil service exams, you must use this article as a reference for essential points.

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