How to cancel Old Navy credit card? Can you cancel it?

To cancel, you can call Old Navy credit card customer service at 866-450-5294.

If you want to cancel the Old Navy store card, you can call customer service at 877-222-6868.

Can I cancel my Old Navy credit card?

Both their credit cards don’t have an annual fee so it won’t hurt keeping the credit cards, but if you want, you can always go ahead and cancel.

Can I cancel credit card without paying annual fee?

cancel Old Navy credit card

If there is an annual fee and you are charged with it, then you cannot cancel without paying it.

If it does not have an annual fee, you can cancel anytime.

In case, the annual fee for the credit card is due in some months, and you are not using the credit card anymore, you can go ahead and cancel it.

Does closing a credit card hurt your credit?

Generally, closing a credit card will never hurt your credit score. Instead, not paying the down credit balances can hurt your credit score. If you have a credit card annual fee pending, and you plan to close it, then you won’t be allowed to close it without paying the credit. If you are a regular credit defaulter, that can also hurt your credit score terribly.

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Can I close my first credit card?

A credit card from long is stuffed on your shelf and you want to get rid of it. But right now, you wonder how the credit card closure will impact you? Is there any impact at all?

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Yes, the closure of an old credit card will definitely have an impact on your credit scores.

  1. They will reduce your credit history.
  2. Your credit utilization ratio will get immensely impacted.

If you want to prevent the damage, you can either try paying off your credit card balance, boost the credit limits of your other credit cards or you can look for a downgrade of your card’s services and also ask them if they can put you on an annual fee waiver.


Here is a bit about closing credit cards and their processes, especially for the Old Navy credit card. If you want any information, browse through the blog article to know more.

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