Eachnight inviting Applications – Get $1500 a Month [Guide]

The Eachnight hosts a team of multidisciplinary professionals who endeavor each day to make you sleep better. Different people from varied disciplines come together to look into every aspect of sleep and helping improve its quality.

With them, you will just find the right mattress size and also more comfortable bedding alternatives. If you lack sleep, talking to them can help you improve yourself on that factor.

What is eachnight.com?

Eachnight.com is the right site for you if you want to find your right fit but shopping with them means spending a large sum of money.

Eachnight.com pays $1500 to anyone who wants to be a nap reviewer.

Different sleep durations have different benefits and if you want to earn while you sleep, you can go for the job. The application deadline is until 30th June 2022. Over 30 days nappers will go through different sleeping spans, and each round will be preceded and followed by a video call with them.

During this time, the professional nappers will be scored and measured in the following categories.

  • The optimum nap duration to a refreshing freshness.
  • Impact of napping on different levels of stress on the body.
  • Napping affects on memory, productivity, and motivation.

How to apply for Eachnight.com Application?

To know you are the right person, you must fill up an application form. Visit eachnight.com and then click on “sleep studies” and then select “get paid to nap”

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It’s a Google form wherein you have to make the right entries for yourself. You can also sign in to your Google account to save your application.

Step 1: Add your email ID, name, birth date, country, and state in the given spaces.


Step 2: In the next set of questions, you need to tell them a little as to why must be called in to become a nap reviewer, if you can commit to 30 days of continuous work, and also go through the Ts and Cs.

application requirements

Once you have filled in the application form, press the Submit tab to complete the application form.

What are the eachnight.com application requirements?

There is just one application requirement and that is your love for sleep and your ability to review your sleep.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who loves to sleep can apply and to do so, one must be 18 years and above. You must be fluent in English if you plan to apply for the position.

eachnight.com application Benefits

You can become a sleep reviewer and earn as much as $1500 in a month. While reviewing sleep, you can also learn a lot about your sleep and its patterns.


You will get $1500 for a month to review your sleep.


If you want to apply for the sleep reviewer position, do not miss reading this blog. Complete the application form and after finishing it, submit the same for review.

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