East Chicago housing authority Application Eligibility Criteria

East Chicago Housing facilities are all set to welcome new low-income families and are changing in different ways. They are creating modern apartments, altering old housing facilities to provide newer opportunities, and also helping individuals attain self-sufficiency goals.

They are also ensuring the investment of private resources towards establishing public housing facilities.

Requirements and eligibility for East Chicago Housing authority application

Your eligibility scores are determined based on the following conditions:

  • The annual gross income of an individual is essential for determining eligibility
  • Your scores will change based on your family size, disability, and elderly status.
  • You must have a US citizenship
  • If individuals have an eligible immigration status they can also apply for housing in East Chicago.

Requirements of the Housing application will include the following:

  • You must have your current address and also your phone number
  • Inclusion of your current and past landlord details is essential
  • Your estimated family income for the next twelve months is important and refer to the table below for income limits.
  • Add your source of income
  • Addition of information about your past and current employers so that your income details can be verified alongwith your deductions.
  • Enter the social security number of every member of the household.
  • Add family situations.
  • Include your bank account statements
  • Add the name and relationship details of all those who would be present in the unit.
  • Include details about family members like their disability status and also their retirement and age-related details.
East Chicago application dtails

How to apply for the East Chicago Housing application?

To apply, begin by echa-in.org/mecha

East Chicago rental details
  • Register as a new user and then start the application.
  • To register, you need to add the following information – registration code, email, and password, and then you will need to confirm your password.
online housing application
  • To apply, you must click on the Apply Online tab. It will get you to the open and closed application form and once you are there, click on the Apply tab beside it.
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Add all the essential details and include enough documents as proofs before submitting the application.

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It provides twenty five thousand housing options and benefits many low income group individuals.

  • They have lower housing prices and people can comfortably find a home for themselves.
  • East Chicago like other housing units has a home for everybody.
  • They have a property type for each kind of family and their wants – scattered family types, senior, mixed-income families, and general family properties.
  • They also provide housing assistance to evicted, homeless people, and those with foreclosures.
  • The housing units are connected to the right food sources, shelters, medical facilities, recovery units, and other essential places.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much will be the benefit amount for East Chicago Housing application?

For a two-bedroom property, you will get $1300 vouchers. You can also call their hotline number (1 (219) 397-9974) if you need a house.

What is the last date for sending your Chicago Housing application?

East Chicago Housing application is closed right now and you need to check with the site closely to find out the date it next opens.

Is it sanctioned by the Federal government?

Yes, the money for the East Chicago Housing is sanctioned under Section 8 of the Federal government.


Here is everything that you need to know about the East Chicago Housing application and once you are aware of it, ensure you fill-up the application the right way.

Post filling up the application, you can wait for the confirmation and once you are confirmed, the vouchers will come to you without any further delay.

Low-income individuals, homeless people and many others who do not have a roof atop can make things good for themselves by using this option.

Usually, there is a fixed application period and once the application period is over you will need to wait for it to reappear back. Generally, everyone approved receives a voucher that works best and it comes to them every month. A voucher holder can receive benefits for almost 6 years and 11 months straight.

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