EBR Magnet Application Process Complete Guide

Public school curriculum are not as enriched as private schools. Thus, a more defined vision needs to come to those who get their education in public schools. Several steps and measures are taken in this regard and one of the measures is the Magnet program.

What is EBR Magnet Program?

The EBR (East Baton Rouge Parish) Magnet Program brings together a wide variety of different programs under its belt. Performing arts, Montessori, Foreign Language immersion programs and also other programs in other levels other than the elementary level are available to students.

Different Magnet programs will have different eligibility requirements and thus, you need to check the eligibility conditions for all the programs.

Who is Eligible for EBR magnet application?

Eligibility for EBR Magnet application will involve a different set of rules and conditions depending on the program which they apply for. Eligibility differs from the elementary school level to the secondary and high school levels.

  1. Montessori, Creative Sciences and arts, alongwith visual and performing arts have no requirements. Some schools might ask for LEAP 2025 results for students willing to participate in visual and performing arts.
  2. Foreign language courses will prefer native speakers of that particular language. Also, children might have to submit their report cards. They will also need to take a non-performing test for reading and math.

For Grades 4-5 they must have a norm-referenced assessment, basic performance on LEAP 2025 in ELA and Math and also in the test is a must.

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Details can be checked from the link here for the EBR Magnet program.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements are not plenty and involve the following;

  1. A copy of the signature page is a must.
  2. Proof of residency is another requirement that must be fulfilled

The first school you choose needs to get these details.

EBR Magnet Application

The first and foremost in this online application process include;

  • Creating an online account for you is essential to begin the application process.
  • For the EBR Magnet application, all you need to do is add your name, email address and phone number. Add a password and language of your preference.
  • Once done, you must complete the application wherein you must add your personal details.
  • Next, include your specifications about the course and also fill in the required necessary information about it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is EBR Magnet Application Timeline?

The EBR Magnet Application Timeline involves the following;

  • Start date: 3rd October 2022
  • End date: 13th July 2023
  • Priority Pool: 3rd October 2022-2nd December 2022
  • Winter Pool: 3rd December 2022-28th February 2023
  • Spring Pool: 1st March 2023-30th April 2023
  • Extended Pool: 1st May 2023-13th July 2023

How to Check EBR Magnet Application Status?

Checking the EBR Magnet application status is possible by logging into your account. All essential details and updates will be sent via SMS and mail to each applicant.


The EBR Magnet application is one of the best ways to join your interests as and when you are at different levels within your school. The application process is essential and only after the applications are put forth you can consider joining your courses upon selection. Read about the essential details here.

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