Edgars Account Application Benefits South Africa [2024]

Shopping cards bring you greater shopping freedom. If you wish to shop with Edgars, you will benefit from having their card with you. Each of these shopping accounts has its benefits. Edgars in Johannesburg is one such retail chain that has its headquarters in South Africa and is offering the shopping card. These cards come in handy each time you shop from them and payments can be easily done through cashless services.

Edgars Account Application

What is Edgars?

The department was into fashion apparel, shoes, beauty products, and other home products. But recently they moved into mass-market fashion and also focused more now on beauty products and services.

High-quality, low-price goods are available with Edgars and with them, you can find the world’s best brands- Nike, Puma and Reebok. Fragrances are quite a department with them selling Versace and Gucci products.

Most of their stores have a coffee shop, play area, beauty rooms and other kinds of amenities.

They also have an app that will earn you points each time you shop from Edgars and Edgars Beauty online outlets. With more points, you will get vouchers that will help you fetch better in the future. Redeeming these points in the form of a voucher can be done only when you have 50,000 or more points. Use your mobile phone and user ID to get your vouchers. After you retrieve your vouchers, you can use them anywhere within the stores that Edgars recognizes for better shopping experiences.

How to apply for Edgars account application?

Applying for an Edgars account is easy and essential for those who use their services regularly. To apply for an Edgards account, you will need to include the following details.

  • Visit edgars.co.za/edgars-account and then click on the Apply now button given there.
edgars account
  • Enter your first and last name along with your email address.
  • Include the password and then click on the Submit button.
  • Add the application details like personal, income-related, and other related details before submitting your application.
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What are Application Requirements?

Everyone who applies at Edgards needs certain essential documents for completing the application. Application requirements for Edgars account will include the following;

  1. Applicants must have a South African ID.
  2. Provide an address proof that is not less than 3 months old.
  3. A bank statement needs to be submitted with the income shown on bank stamps.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible applicants for the Edgars account must lead to the fulfilment of the following conditions.

  1. Applicants need to be South African citizens if they want to get the card.
  2. You must be a minimum 18-years-old or more to start the application.

How to check Edgars account application status?

To check the status of your application, call 031 010 0005 or mail them at [email protected]. Usually, they will send you your application status via mail and will intimate you of any problems.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I use my Edgars card?

You can use the Edgars card in several stores like Edgars, Builders, Edgars Beauty, Jet, Legit, Swagga Fashion, Style, Checkers, Makro, Shoprite, Game and Pick n Pay. Whenever you shop from them, you will have the freedom to choose from the 24 to 36-month plans. You can also use the card at Beaver Canoe and Style stores. These are the stores that are approved by Edgars and thereby using the card in them will leave you with better shopping experiences.

Does Edgars have an app?

Yes, Edgars has an app called My Thank U that is meant for its club members. The app is going to help people have easier access to the Edgars account. Review your balance statements and rewards anytime you want.


Edgars is able to bring its customers the best user experience through its app. Having an account with them serves a beneficial role when you shop from Edgars regularly. To receive a bank statement, you can call them at 0860 11 24 42. In this article, we have summarized the eligibility and application requirements alongwith the application process and other miscellaneous details.

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