Kazi Mtaani Application Online: Registration & Status

The Kazi Mtaani program placed forward by the Government of Kenya aims to bring local employment for individuals. The program aims at those who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The containment measures undertaken by the government disrupted the daily labor jobs. The strict measures forced thousands of people to go without an income.

The government is employing youths in an area for developmental work and is paying them in return. This way more and more youth can earn from the program and benefit in the long run. The government also wants the youth to cultivate a saving habits to avoid such scenarios in the future.

Check below for the Kazi Mtaani application registration process.

How to do Kazi Mtaani application online registration?

kazi mtaani application

Follow the process below to complete the application. Interested candidates must click on this given link: register.kms.go.ke. Fill in all the details asked for in the given spaces and complete the application by submitting it.

You must have the required documents with you for filling up the Kazi Mtaani application,

  1. A national ID
  2. If you have a KPCE or KCSE certification, it can be an added advantage.
  3. Candidates cannot avail of national transfer schemes run by the government.
  4. For the provision of payment through phone numbers, individuals must have a signed indemnity form

Kazi mtaani registration link

You can use this link to complete the application process: https://register.kms.go.ke/.

Fill-in all the details in the personal details’ segment followed by your national ID details, location, and education + skill-related details.

Registration form Kazi

Once done, clock on the next tab and fill in your ID-related details.

Kazi Mtaani ID details

Kazi mtaani Application Guide Step-by-Step?

Go to the given link https://kms.go.ke/ if you are between 18 and 35 years of age and add the required details as presented in the space.

  1. Register and verify on the above link.
  2. After registration, once the apply link opens in your browser, you can see an application form. Herein, you will have to fill in your personal, national ID, location, education, and skill-related details.
  3. On the first page, add your name (first, middle and last), gender, birth date, disability history, and phone number.
  4. On the next page, add your government ID details- the number and type of ID.
  5. Further, add the location details that should include your permanent address or any other address where you are put up currently.
  6. Any educational and skill-based information must be also added in the specified columns.
  7. Once done, click on the register tab to complete the registration number.
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How to check Kazi mtaani application status?

The program is implemented in all 47 counties. Construction jobs are open from the government end, and the Kazi Mtaani phase 3 payments are decided to be Sh455 for laborers and Sh505 for supervisors.

Currently, you cannot check the application status. You will receive an intimation if the committee overseeing the selection process chooses your application within 2 weeks.

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Online application form PDF?

The offline application process is opening up at the Huduma center for those who could not apply online, and there is no provision to download the Kazi mtaani application form pdf. Either you can do the kazi Mtaani registration online or can go offline from the Huduma center.


If you are planning to apply for the kazi mtaani scheme, read the details from this blog to successfully complete the application process.

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