Married at First Sight Application – Requirements & Eligibility

If you are in Australia and love the Married at First sight series, you will be delighted to know that anybody can participate in the series. Are you in search of finding your love in Australia? If so, why don’t you try your luck with their recent session?

It is termed a social experiment and with the new season of MAFS, you might be the next one getting married on Indian television. Here is a bit about how you can apply for Married at First Sight, what you might require, and other essentials in the MAFS process.

Steps for Married at First Sight application

While reading about it, if you have decided to join in, click on this link immediately to begin the application process.

Step 1- The first step is to click on the Apply button given Above.

Step 2- Once you click it, you will be redirected to their official website from where you can apply for Married at first sight application 2022-2023.

Step 3- Fill in the registration form after clicking the Apply Now tab. Add your name, birth date, email ID, and password. Further, click on the robot captcha to prove you are a human.

online apply Married at First Sight

Step 4- You must also click on the checkboxes to understand their terms and conditions.

Step 5- After completing your registration, you will need to answer personal questions like Height, weight, etc, and add photos and videos, to your MAFS experiment.

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Step 6- Add to the list of hobbies you have and your current relationship status.

What are the Application requirements?

These are the only two requirements to fulfill for your application.

  • Application requirement is nothing but your genuine desire to find love. They invite men and women from all backgrounds and they use social and psychological norms to help find Australians their right partners.
  • You will need to commit four months of your life starting from July 2022 to November 2022 to this social experimentation process.

Who is eligible for Married at First Sight?

You can apply if you fulfill these three conditions.

  1. You must be above 25 years to apply.
  2. To apply you need to be an Australian citizen or at least a permanent resident for a minimum of two years.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the married at First Sight process take?

It takes eight weeks before they finally decide if they want to get married to each other. It is however a lengthy process and takes two more months at the beginning and a few more toward the end to complete the MAFS process.

Is married at First Sight scripted?

Even though MAFS does not have a script but still it is heavily influenced by how producers want to see it.

Do married at first Sight couples get legally married?

It is not legally binding and the couples merely promise each other to stay together.


MAFS is the first social experiment of its kind in Australia. If you wish to participate, go through all the interesting information provided here in this article about their application process.

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