TJMaxx credit card Login & Pay Bill Payment

TJ Maxx has departmental chains and stores everywhere in the United States. They are famously known for selling discounted and subsidized products. Most of the sales arranged by them see a discount offer of 20%-60% on their items.

  • With the credit card, not just the bonus but also one can enjoy numerous rewards. You can try same-day purchases after credit card authorization can give you a 10% reward.
  • Similarly, you get to enjoy several discounts, and other bonuses and offers.
  • You get 5 points for every 1 dollar which is huge. For every $200 one can get 1000 points that can in return a $10 reward card.
  • The APR is high which means you will have a high-interest rate. If you fail to pay back the dues by the right date and time, you will have to pay the added interest.
  • For paying up your dues and for making the right amount of payments, you must create an account. If you are not sure of their login process and payment processes, read the rest of the article to understand better.

How to do TJ Maxx credit card login?

If you have an account with them, the login process is simple. It involves visiting the website and then adding the username and password in the right place.

Step 1- Visit the following website by clicking on the given link i.e

TJ Maxx credit card bill

Step 2- If you don’t have an account with them, you can create it by clicking on the Register below the Secure login option.

Step 3- If you click on the Register tab, you will be taken to a page where you need to add your account number and ZIP code.

TJ Maxx credit card pay

Step 4- Click on the Continue tab after you have found your account and fill in the details that will complete your online account.

Step 5- If you click on the Apply tab, it will take you to the page from where you will be able to apply for a credit card. So, if you want to create an account, click on the Register tab.

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How to activate TJ Maxx credit card?

For activating your TJ Maxx credit card, Firstly, visit the official website and then follow the below given steps.

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You will need to scroll down the page where you will see the option- Activate my TJX Rewards MasterCard

  1. Add the card number
  2. Include the Security Code
  3. Insert the last four digits of your SSN card.

Post adding up all the information, you will have to click on the Activate my credit card tab to start the activation process.

It will take you some time to activate the credit card and complete the process.

How to pay TJ Maxx credit card Bill Payment Online?

To pay the TJ Maxx credit card bills, you will have to login to the site.

  1. Add your username and password and click on the Login tab.
  2. Move to the Payment method segment and then click on the option that allows you to pay the bills.
  3. Include your bill details and also add your current payment details or your credit card details.
  4. After adding the bill payment details, you must click on the Pay Bill option to complete the bill payment process.

Interest rate & Late Fees

The interest rate for the credit card is high and you can understand it by its high APR which is 27.74%. If you leave a balance, there will be an additional interest that your account will accrue and you will need to pay that too, if you fail to make your credit card payment in time.

If you do not pay by 5 p.m. of the date printed on your bill, you must pay an additional late fee of $25.

How to cancel TJ Maxx credit card?

Cancellation of the TJ Maxx store and the Platinum card is a simple process.

To cancel the TJ Maxx store credit card, dial this number 800-952-6133 and tell them your issue.

For the Platinum MasterCard, you must call 877-890-3150 and request a credit card cancellation.

Customer service Number

The customer service number is 1-508-390-1000 for pursuing general inquiries. For other queries, you have different numbers, and access this link to find the helpline number from here.


What is TJ Maxx credit card bill pay phone number?

For Rewards credit card, call 1-800-952-6133.

For Platinum MasterCard, call 1-877-890-3150.

What is TJ Maxx credit card payment mailing address?

The payment mailing address is TJX Rewards Payments, Box 530949, Atlanta, GA 30353.

Can you pay TJ Maxx card in store?

The bill cannot be paid in-store, and only online, by phone, or through the mail.


Here’s a bit about the TJ Maxx credit card, if you want to know how to login, register, or pay for the TJ Maxx card, you need to refer to this article for more information.

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