118 118 credit card login and Pay Bill Payment Online/Offline

This company in the United Kingdom goes by the name of 118 118 and is in the business of credits for a long time. Previously they were a directory inquiry service and now they just have one credit card that helps in preparing and helping people build their credit scores.

Ever since they have branched out, 118 118 got directly owned by the Knowledge Generation Bureau that’s been an American company in business since 1992. The 118 118-credit card is built for those who either have a very low credit score or have a nil credit score.

118 118 credit card login

With absolutely no looming fees on your head, this credit card can be a great choice for those who need to establish their credit appropriately.

Essential Features118 118 credit cards
Late Payment FeeNil
Returned Payment FeeNil
Interest & Purchase APR34% (variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Withdrawal Fee3%
Grace Period51 days
Balance Transfer APRNil
Foreign transaction feeNil

How to login to 118 118 credit card Account?

Step 1: If you want this credit card, and you are in the United Kingdom, you must log in to your site.

Step 2: Add your username and password in the given fields.

Step 3: If you are not yet registered, you must register yourself by clicking on the Register tab to complete the registration process. Follow the prompts that follow to complete the registration process which mostly involves filling in the personal, and professional details.

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How to Pay 118 118 credit card bill Payment?

For online bill payment, you must login to your credit card account.

  1. Go to the Payments section and from there into the Pay Bill segment.
  2. From the Pay Bill segment, click to add your bill details. It must include your bill amount, date, and number on the bill.
  3. For the payment method, add your current account details including your routing and account number.
  4. Press on the Pay Bill tab, and allow the bill to pass through the payment gateway.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

For making a payment, you must call 08000 118 000 or 02920 893 300 and follow the prompts to complete the payment.

For payments, you can also mail them to [email protected].

The payment mailing address will be…

Alexandra Gate,
Ffordd Pengam,
Cardiff CF24 2SA.

You can also check the address given by the credit card. If it does not match this given address, send your payment to the address on the back of the credit card.

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How to increase 118 118 credit card limit?

You can increase the credit limit by paying your credit card bills on time for 6 months. Since this is a credit-building card, they would automatically increase your credit limit if you have paid your bills for 6 months continuously.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number is +44 (0)2920 893300 or 08000 118 000 for connecting with them on credit card-related queries.


If you have low credit scores and need a credit card to start building your credit score, you can start by applying for a credit card and simultaneously creating an online account. As and when you face an issue in handling your online account, read more about the credit card here.

118 118 credit card payment

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