Bloomingdales credit card Login and Pay Bill Payments

Bloomingdales provides two types of credit cards-

  • Bloomingdales in-store credit card and
  • Amex credit card.

The in-store credit cards offer rewards, discounts, and points with everything that you purchase from them. You must have an online account for Bloomingdales and to register, you must fill out an online application form.

An online account is one of the best services you can avail of with a credit card.

Paying your bills, reviewing your account details and bills, and also performing essential account-related functions are possible using a credit card.

But paying bills will become easier if you observe and learn these features carefully.

Essential FeaturesBloomingdales credit card
Late Payment FeeCan move upto $40
Returned Payment Fee$40
Interest & Purchase APR25.24% (variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Advance FeeNA
Grace PeriodMinimum 25 days
Balance Transfer APRNA
Foreign transaction feeNA

How to do Bloomingdales credit card login?

Step 1- Add your email address and password, then press the Sign-in tab. For this visit the official website i.e.

login to bloomingdales credit card

Step 2- If you do not have an online account, create one for yourself. To do so, press on the Create an account tab.

create an account

Step 3- Once you press the tab, you will get the form online. You must add the following information as given in the form.

Step 4- Add your first and last name, email address, select a password, and date of birth before pressing the Submit tab.

How to Pay Bloomingdales credit card Bill Payment?

Pay Online

To pay your card bill online, you can refer to the below process.

  • Login to the Bloomingdales credit card account.
  • From the Home Page, choose the Make a payment tab.
  • Include a payment source
  • Schedule and submit the payment.

If you have not added your card yet then follow the given process.

How to add your credit card to

Follow the given process to add your card.

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Step 1- visit and then sign in with your user details.

Step 2- Now under Bloomingdale’s credit card section tap on the “Add My Card” button.

Step 3- Now fill up the given form and at the end tap on the “Add Card” button. That’s it

Pay offline

If you want to pay Bloomingdales through offline sources, you must try these ways.

1. Call them by dialing 1.888.257.6762 and inform them about your credit card account number. Also, add your payment details like your bank routing and account number for deducting the payment.

2. Mail them your payments to these addresses:

Bloomingdales American Express Account Payments,
PO Box 9001108,
KY 40290-1108.

Bloomingdales Payments,
PO Box 9001094,
KY- 40290-1094.

To express pay, you must write to Bloomingdale’s Payment Department, 6716 Grade Lane
Bldg. 9, Suite 910, Louisville, KY 40213

3. Finally, Bloomingdales also allows you to pay your bills in-store. Either use cash, cheque, or credit card to pay your bills.

Card Pros & Cons

The credit card has some solid pros but also has many cons altogether.

Pros: Several pros of the Bloomingdales credit card are;

  1. You earn 8 points for every dollar spent on shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances.
  • There is a 15% off on all purchases in the first two days of acquiring the credit card.
  • You can earn a reward of $25 for every 5000 points.


  1. APR is high.

How to cancel Bloomingdales credit card?

To cancel your card, you must either call them at the number given on the back of your credit card.

Cancel your subscription by going online into your account.

  1. Login to your account by adding your username and password.
  2. Next, move to the subscription tab and then press the Manage tab.
  3. Press the Edit tab and then click the Cancel Subscription option.

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Customer Service Number

The Bloomingdales customer service number is 800-295-4057 and one can reach the number for queries and doubts.


Can you pay Bloomingdales credit card in-store?

Yes, Bloomingdale’s credit card can be used to pay in-store as well as online.

What credit cards does Bloomingdales accept?

Mastercard, PayPal, Discover, Visa, American Express, and Bloomingdale’s credit cards are accepted by them.


Here is the credit card login and payment-related information for you. If you are a first-timer with an online account, read this information to make the best use of the card.

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