How to check Global Entry application status? (Quick Guide)

The global entry program is a specialized program designed for non risk groups to undergo an expedited clearance process at the airports of the United States. It is part of the CBP program and is overseen by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection unit.

Those who wish to be their members need to fill out their application forms. Successful applicants can enter the US through designated kiosks at specific airports chosen for this purpose.

After entering the global entry kiosks, they need to present their passport or permanent resident card while asserting their fingerprints on the scanner. This way, the fingerprint verification and customs declaration are completed.

Everyone approved for the global entry program needs to undergo a thorough background check and an interview straight at their offices before getting enrolled.

Even though the program guarantees hassle free entry into the United States, further examinations might be requested for further scrutiny and affirmation.

How to check Global Entry application status?

After submitting the global entry application, most applications submitted for TSA Precheck will receive the KTN (Known Traveler Number) within a span of 3-5 days. Even though 3-5 days is the normal timeline but it can take upto sixty days to receive the KTN.

Every status change will be communicated to the individual via the indicated mail address. If you have indicated that you want to receive information by phone or text, you can do so. Other than these, you can also check the online platform for the current status update.

Whenever there is a status change, you will receive an automated message about it.

For those who applied for SENTRI, NEXUS, or FAST, they need to appear for the interview first. You need to browse through their platform to understand and schedule an interview.

To check your Global Entry application status online, you can use the following link: Check Status

  • Accept your entry into the Homeland Security platform by clicking on the “consent and continue” option.
global entry application
  • Sign in using your login credentials and if you are a government employee, you can even use your employee ID number to sign in.
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Alternatively, you can also create an account for yourself if you have already not created an account.

Global Entry apply online
  • To create an account, you can start by entering your email address, and after reading and accepting the terms and conditions, you must click on the submit option to proceed further.
Global Entry account creation

How long does Global Entry application take?

Processing a Global Entry application can take 4-6 months. Usually, the thorough background check takes time, and only once it is done, your application move forward through the queue.

The Trusted Traveler Program website ( is the place where you must occasionally head to check the status of the application.

Why was my Global Entry application denied?

Several reasons for denial of the Global Entry application include the following:

  • Non cooperation during the interview is the topmost reason for denial of Global Entry.
  • During immigration, people who break the rules can lose their global entry permission.
  • If goods carried by the passenger are not declared to customs like foreign currency accounting for more than $10,000 USD.
  • Driving under the Influence (DUI) convictions can never get through their global entry proceedings.
  • If there is any sort of unfavorable information received from another government that is still on record from the past, can cancel your global entry applications.
  • Interviews should not seem like a disrespectful event, and the officer deputed must not raise any complaint about you whatsoever.
  • Not intimating essential information can also lead to the loss of Global Entry permissions.

Why is my Global Entry application still pending?

No one can expedite the vetting process, so you might need to wait for a 6–8 month span to get your Global Entry details. If your status appears as “pending,” it means they are still analysing and scrutinising your application. When such a situation occurs, you can wait, as there is no way to expedite the Global Entry application process.


For Global Entry applications, you will need to submit your application online or by visiting any of their centers, and then wait for them to respond back to your request. If you want to better understand the process of determining Global Entry application status, you should definitely read the article.

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