NBI Clearance Application Online [How to Apply?]

There are many reasons why you will need government clearance in terms of criminal activities. To set up a business, open a bank account or even for enjoying government bonuses, you will need to provide government documents of various kinds including those that indicate your non-association with the criminal world.

Different countries have different kinds of clearance requirements and certificates of various kinds are issued by the government. In the Philippines too, the government is responsible for issuing numerous such certificates, one of them being the NBI clearance.

What is NBI clearance in the Philippines?

The National Bureau of investigation in the Philippines will issue a certificate that will prove you are free of any criminal record. It can come in handy whenever you are pursuing any specific task within the country.

It is a requirement for different kind of activities when in the Philippines.  Some of the requirements covered by them include;

  1. Applying for a job either within the Philippines or abroad
  2. If you wish to begin a business, you will need to submit these proofs
  3. For studying overseas NBI clearance is a must
  4. For taking the civil service exams also you will need it.
How to Apply for NBI Clearance Application Online?

Who is Eligible for NBI online application?

Eligibility criteria are not very difficult to memorize and goes as follows;

  1. You must have a Filipino citizenfor NBI clearance.
  2. Only those who have a proper purpose for seeking the NBI clearance.
  3. They must be having a Filipino address where they stay ordinarily.

What are Application Requirements?

The application requirement will include the following;

  • Any of these documents will be a must for the government ID.

A passport, driver’s license, postal ID, TIN ID, voter’s ID, PRC ID, senior citizen ID, OFW ID, National ID, PSA birth certificate, PWD ID, police clearance or even their PhilHealth ID,  or UMID might be a requirement.

  • Those who are seeking their job for the first time need to submit their Barangay certificate. They can get a free NBI clearance automatically.
  • They must have lived in their current residence for 6 months.
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How to Apply for NBI Clearance Application Online?

To apply for the NBI clearance application online, you need to head to the NBI clearance site.

  • Select your preferred language to begin your NBI clearance application.
  • Register an account in your name in their online portal.
  • Confirm your account creation by adding the OTP that was sent to your number.
  • After completing the registration, you must login to your NBI clearance account.
  • Click on the Apply for clearance tab to start the NBI clearance application process.
  • After selecting a valid ID, press on the Agree option and then select the NBI Branch where you want to submit your NBI application.
  • Choose the NBI clearance costs including P130 and the P25 service fee. Check your appointment schedule and then enter your personal details.
  • Keep a tab of the reference number and present it at the NBI clearance center and also when you pay.
  • Wait for your appointment date after moving to the transaction page and checking your application status.


Benefits with the NBI clearance will include getting clearance for participating in any of the activities of your choice. If you have the right reasons for deriving a clearance from them, it should not be a concern for you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the website of NBI clearance?

If you want to apply for the NBI clearance certificate, you must click on the link given below to start your NBI clearance process.

Where to pay NBI online application?

You can pay the NBI online clearance using any of the below methods.

  1. Through Bayad center outlets or the Bayad center mobile app
  2. Use the over-the-counter process through physical bank branches
  3. Include the electronic commerce payments
  4. Online banking facilities can also be tried
  5. Try 7-Eleven and Globe G-Cash

Does NBI online application expires?

Yes, NBI clearance will be valid for six months to 1 year and after this time, you will need to apply for a renewal.

Do I need to print my NBI online application?

You need to take a printout of the NBI application that you filed online if you have not done it offline and don’t have a paper application with you.


The NBI online clearance will help people undertake several vocations that are possible only when they are cleared of any criminal offence and activities.

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