UCT Application Online Guide (Requirements, Fees)

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is opening applications for the session of 2023. Thus, interested students are being asked to apply via the online application form for the next academic session. There is an application tool that can be used for the application process. This portal is open for the following kinds of students and candidatures.

  • Candidates applying for the first time.
  • UCT students changing to a new application or a different specialization.
  • If anyone was not granted a seat previously. 
  • Students who wish to continue with any undergraduate studies after completing some certificate courses.

UCT Application Requirements

The basic UCT application 2023 requirements are here below for your reference.

You need to know the basic requirements for undergraduate certificate study with the concerned admissions office.

Undergraduate diploma study, the minimum requirements are…

  • National Senior Certificate with a 3 rating.

Bachelor’s degree eligibility requirements are.

  1. NSC with a pass in 4 subjects and a 4 rating
  2. Minimum language proficiency is also required (40% or more).
  3. You also need a certified copy of your ID as well as your parent’s ID.
  4. Grade 12 Exam results
  5. Residence proof

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How to download UCT application prospectus PDF?

You can follow the download links given below to download the prospectus and UCT application form 2023.

UCT application 2023 Online

The University of Cape Town Australia has opened its gates for admissions to its various courses. UCT is welcoming applications for undergraduate, postgraduate, and business school programs. It is also asking for semester study abroad sessions whereby the first and second-semester applications are closed.

To apply for the University of Cape Town online application follow the below process.

Step 1. Follow the Apply Now button to get into the application process. You can choose from four-course forms

UCT apply

In this segment, we will mention the process you must follow for applying to UG programs.

Step 2. Click on Undergraduate Admission to enter the application process. The first page that opens up will tell you more about the application process and the year of application.

UCT application

Step 3. Click on continue button. You must create an account with the University to continue the application process.

application form

Step 4. The next page will bring you to the page where you will have to fill in the details about yourself.

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Add details like name, age, and sex including other information. You will need to enter your NBT (National Benchmark Test) Number.

UCT form fill up

Step 5. If you are not a South African citizen, you will have to add your country, citizenship status, and passport number.

Step 6. Once done you can save and exit or save the application form. Completing the application form requires submitting your educational and other certificates and details.

Totally adding to this information segment is important.

  1. Personal information
  2. NBT details
  3. Study program-related information for which you are sending in your application
  4. Include your contact details along with your parent’s contact information.
  5. If someone else is going to pay the fee, you need to add their details as well.
  6. Diversity details along with redress information if the candidate is from South Africa must go into the application.
  7. Add your school leaving details, post-school information, housing, and financial assistance must go in.

UCT application dates

The application is closed for 2023 and you must refer to the table for more information about UG (undergraduate) studies. The application form will require a lot of other documents like your passport, visa, and also other identifying documents.

Application for UG studies opens on1 April 2022
UG application closure date31 July 2022
UG application program date changes31 August 2022
Bachelor of Architecture portfolios are due on30 September 2022
Last NBT admission date15 October 2022
Interim result and pass transcript submission31st October 2022
International students finalization date15 November 2022
Admission offer acceptance last date for international applicants30 November 2022
Final transfer applicant transcript due31 December 2022

Post submission of the application, you must wait for their call or mail. For 2023 applications the window will open again next year. Once it does, you must fill in your application form. If you have created an account now for admissions and did not pass through, you can use the same account details again the following year for the application process.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you need NBT for UCT in 2023?

Yes, you will need NBT for UCT in 2023 surely. But you don’t have to hand over NBT to them instead, they will collect it directly from NBT office.

What is the Admission Point Score (APS) for UCT?

A score of 463 of 600 is the qualifying APS for UCT ideally and if you want to get admissions here, target this score for the entry option to open up for UCT.


Here’s a bit about the UCT application process, read the information carefully before applying for it.  The University of Cape Town is one of the best in South Africa welcoming students from all places. Those who come from other parts of Africa and other foreign nations must carefully go through the application eligibility requirements.

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