In her Hands Program Application – Who is Eligible?

What is the ‘In her Hands program’ application?

Several programs which help people right now are running in different states. In Her Hands is a special program where women will receive monetary benefits and the emphasis is on promoting black women. Read more from the blog below.

An initiative of the GiveDirectly program, and the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity (GRO) Fund, In Her Hands program. The program focuses on Black Women within the state of Georgia. The program is just not going to give out money but is also planning to financially literate these women. Financial literacy is key to knowing the right way of spending which is most often the reason behind bankruptcy.

It is a thoughtful initiative. The project initially came up as part of the research and recommendations put forth by a task force working towards the community’s welfare as a whole.

How to apply for the ‘in her Hands Program’?

The In Her Hands program can be the best program available for some. However, in this program, there is no way you can straightaway apply for it. It is a program aimed at a specific group of people in the population, and thus, they get an invitation to this program. Once they get the invitation, they will be told the process of application wherein, the chosen ones have to submit one.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility includes the following;

  1. Primarily, Black women will get this amount.
  2. Anyone who is 18 or above can apply for the program.
  3. People must be permanent residents of Georgia.
  4. Age-related documents must be produced.
  5. Identity-related documents and US citizenship or alien status documents must also be submitted.
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Program Benefits

The state of Georgia is willing to help 650 women with an average monthly amount of $850 for not one but two straight years. The money that will reach the beneficiary accounts is a direct fund that comes with no restrictions or boundaries. The families receiving it can spend the money to meet their basic needs like food, clothing, housing, and even to meet their medical care. The money they get from this fund can also be put into investments in their future or even their families future. No questions will be put forth at any point in time regarding their fund utilization.

Wrap up note

The program aims at offering to the neediest segment of the community. Black women and their sufferings during COVID-19 are being taken into account for the program. Anyone who gets the invitation for participating in the program can read the details of the program from here and also from the main site for more. Remember, you cannot directly apply to this program if not invited.

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