Jobber Grant Application Online – Know Benefits

Difficulties arise for entrepreneurs when they seek funding for their business ideas. The brightest business plans suffer terribly in the ablest hands due to a lack of appropriate funding. If you are one such person whose business seems to be lagging due to appropriate funding modes, why don’t you read more about the Jobber grant application from here?

The grant program authorizes people to use this funding to grow their businesses. A grant amount of $2500 to $15000 is possible to obtain from this grant easily. Grants are currently being given out in three segments;

  • Almost entrepreneur category is the pre-business segment
  • New Business owners are where businesses are somewhere between 0-3 years.
  • The experienced business owners’ category is where the businessman is in business for at least 3+ years.

They are offering 15 Jobbers grants across the above-mentioned three categories totaling a sum of $150,000.

Steps for Jobber grant application

Visit the given site to apply for the grant.

  • The first question will be about your plans for a home service business.
Jobber grant application
  • State your current country of residence.
  • In the next segment, choose your industry type from the options provided.
Industry Jobber grant
  • Add your grant category and a bit about your business in the next segment.

Complete the rest of the prompts and then submit the application form.

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What are the Jobber grant application requirements?

Jobbers Grant is given for small businesses, home service entrepreneurs, and even COVID-19 support. You will need the following to fulfill the application requirements.

  1. You must have an ITIN or SSN as proof of your identity.
  2. As an applicant, you must have proof of your business if it is already established. You must provide your business details and other essential information. If your business is still in the conceptual stage, you must provide information and details about it as closely as possible.
  3. Your need for the grant must be mentioned.
  4. Provide details about your annual income.
  5. Give reasons as to why you want to open a business and also your experience in that particular field.
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Who is eligible for Jobber grant application?

Eligibility criteria are few and include;

  1. Being an 18-year-old or above.
  2. Having an aspiring business idea or is already a business owner.
  3. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada excluding Quebec for obtaining this grant.

Also read: Jobber Grant Application Online – Know Benefits

Grant Benefits

The amount you get from the grant is non-taxable and non-refundable for you. Once you take it, you can have it forever with you without any liability for paying it back.


Businesses brutally suffer setbacks due to monetary crunches and if your business is on such parameters suffering due to lack of funds, this grant could help bring it back on track. Buying equipment and creating the necessary infrastructure is essential for your business. A grant of $10000 can make your life easier and your problems smaller even if it can’t alleviate all your problems. Read the essential information provided here about the grant and fill it up if you need an additional amount for your business.

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