Pell Grant Application Online – Know Eligibility & Requirements

The Pell Grant application is for requirement-based federal financial help for those students who belong to the low-income group. The United States Department of Education grants it and pays it for covering the college costs, tuition fees, boarding and lodging, and even other expenses towards completing a course or educational degree. The best part of the Pell grant is that it is free and one does not need to return it to the US government ever. It’s not a loan that needs repayment, instead, it is financial help free of cost from the Federal funds for the future poor yet bright students.

If you plan to go for this grant, you must first complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The Pell grant came into effect in 1972 and the federal Pell grant goes to students from the year 1973-1974 annually.

Steps for Pell Grant Application

To apply for the Pell Grant, each year you must complete the FAFSA application form.

The FAFSA form is available at this link, you must fill in the FAFSA form each year if you keep having a financial need to ensure the grants reach you every year.

Step 1:  Once you have opened the FAFSA form, you will be able to see the screen where you have to choose one of the given options.

Pell grant application

Step 2: Add your FAFSA login ID username, email, mobile phone number, and also password. Press the login tab. If you don’t have an account, create one with them.

Pell grant

Step 3: Add the personal information, and other segments to create an FSA ID.

Pell grant benefits

Step 4: After creating your FSA ID, you need to do the FAFSA applications.

Fill in all the details and add all documents and proofs to the application.

Once done, submit the application form.

What are the Application Requirements?

For completing the FAFSA application, fulfill the following requirements in the application form.

  1. The social security number of the applicant is important and filing it in the application is essential.
  2. If you are not a US citizen but have migrated from other countries, you must provide your alien registration number.
  3. Fill your federal income tax returns with W-2 forms and other monetary records.
  4. Use your bank statements and investment records, if any to confirm your financial position in the country.
  5. If you have any income from non-taxable sources, then you will need to include those records.
  6. You must also have an FSA ID to electronically record your signatures.
  7. If you are not earning your own money, and depend on your parents for educational financing then the above-mentioned particulars must also go in for your parents.
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Candidates will also need to meet certain eligibility requirements while doing the registration process.

  1. You must be a bonafide US citizen/ US national/have a Green card/ arrival-departure record. You can also be eligible if you have an immigration status even if it is battered or if you have a T-Visa.
  2. You must be qualified for admission to a college or a university during the process.
  3. Academically, you must be sound and you must continuously do well in your academic courses over the years in college.
  4. You must not be a defaulter in any other federal student loan.
  5. Any federal student grant must not owe any money to you.
  6. You must confirm that you will use your federal student aid only for your educational requirements.
  7. To move ahead, you will require a high school diploma or a GED (general educational development) certificate for the student applying for the aid.
  8. If you are already enrolled, you must show an ability-to-benefit test and must complete minimally six credit hours towards the degree or certificate during the span of time.


Students benefit if they are from the lower economic group with these funds and the Pell grant can fulfill such demands. Usually, FAFSA is how one can ask for a Pell grant. The student can use the funds for boarding, lodging, and also for their tuition fees with the Pell grant amount.

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How much is summer Pell grant?

If in a year, a student is granted $6345 for a year, then for their summer grant, they will receive $3172.50 for attending the classes in their summer.

Do you automatically get Pell grant?

Pell grant is given to students from participating universities and colleges and can get it only after one has filled in the FAFSA application form. No one can get automatically enrolled for the Pell Grant without the application.

When is the Pell grant application deadline?

FAFSA is required not just by Pell Grant but also by other federal financial aid, so the deadline to complete the Pell grant application for FAFSA is 30th June this year. However, some states have an earlier date for completing the FAFSA application.

What Pell grant money can be used for?

The Pell grant money can be used for education purposes only.

Who provides Pell grants?

The Pell grant is given by the US Department of Education.

Is it too late to apply for Pell grant?

The Pell grant is to be completed before the April deadline every year for the academic session.

Does Pell grant cover summer classes?

Yes, the Pell grant will cover summer classes for the students who receive the grant.


Here’s a bit about the Pell grant application and scholarship. Before applying, read more about it here to know more about the process. The Pell grant is one of the oldest grants in the United States Federal aid goes to students for free and all you need to do is prove your lower economic status for enrolling yourself for the grant.

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