Pag IBIG Loyalty Card Plus online Application: Know your Status

The Loyalty Card Plus application allows users to enjoy discounts on different purchases and schemes. You can avail yourself of discounts on your hospital bills, tuition fees, monthly groceries, fuel prices, and restaurant expenses. The Loyalty card has almost an increasing number of partner establishments and it is almost more than 300.

Even taking loans, enjoying dividends and many other benefits is possible through this scheme.

Pag Ibig loyalty card plus online

loyalty card plus application

To apply for Pag Ibig loyalty card plus, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Verify your Pag Ibig Membership Identification Number (MIN) from any of their fund personnel.
  2. Complete the Loyalty card application form.
  3. Add the card fee that is P125.00, through bank personnel.
  4. Allow them to click your picture and your fingerprints before digitally signing on the tablet.
  5. Complete the validation process as shown on the monitor of the device.
  6. Once you complete all the procedures, claim your Pag Ibig Loyalty Card Plus along with the PIN mailer from your bank personnel.

loyalty card plus Union bank Application Step by Step

There are two types in which applications can be made-

  • Employer arranged application enrollment &
  • Branch arranged enrollment.
  • For employer arranged application and enrollment process, below mentioned process is how it will need to go.
  1. Request and download the following:

a. Pag-lBIG Loyalty Card Plus Enrollment Kiosk (HQP-PFF-123)

b. Pag-lBIG Loyalty Card Plus (HQP-PFF-371)

2. Take these forms to a Pag-IBIG Fund branch, or email them.

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3. Employees must have filled the card and tagged a valid ID card with it.

4. The employees must submit the form and pay the application fee to their respective bank operators.

5. After completing their biometrics and photo, they will have to confirm the details that have gone into the form.

6. Post this process, your employees will receive the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus.

  • For undertaking branch-arranged enrollment, follow the below process.
  1. Grab the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus Application Form (HQP-PFF-108).
  2. Submit the application alongwith a due identification document.
  3. Give your card fee to the branch.
  4. Complete your photo and biometric process.
  5. Confirm your details and collect your Loyalty card.

What are loyalty card plus application form requirements?

The requirements for completing the Loyalty card application form include;

  1. Permanent membership identification card
  2. The individual must be participating with Pag-Ibig actively.
  3. A valid ID card is also required.

How to check Loyalty Card Plus Application Status?

To know the status of your Loyalty card, you can call them ((02) 8-724-4244) or mail them ([email protected]). You can also visit your nearest branch to collect the status of the application.


How long does application process takes?

The Pag Ibig card can be received immediately from the bank individually or through the employer. The maximum time it can take is almost 45 days and depends on your location or area.

Can I apply online for Loyalty Card Plus?

Yes, you can make an online application.

Is loyalty card plus a valid id?

The Pag Ibig Loyalty card is not government-issued card but can be used in all Pag  Ibig transactions.

Where can I get loyalty card plus?

You can get it from the bank or delivered to your home address.


Being with Pag Ibig in Philippines can benefit you immensely. If you are already with Pag Ibig and want its Loyalty card, here are the details you need to consider before applying for the card.

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