Macy’s Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online?

Macy’s credit card is a type of store credit card, which means you can use this card at Macy stores and online platforms to buy their products. You can save lots of money and at the same time gain lots of rewards if you use this credit card.

Lots of people have already bought the Macy card. Many people have questions related to bill payments. So without any further ado, let us discuss the doubts and various other details about this card.

How to do Macy’s Credit Card Login?

If you want to pay your Macy’s credit card bill online, then the first and most important step is to log in using your own account on the official website of Macy. So, here are some easy steps that you have to follow to log in:

Step 1: On your browser search for the Macy log-in process, then click on its official site, or you can simply visit this site

Step 2: Enter your details like your email and password, if you do not have an account, click on “create an account”. 

macy credit card login

Step 3: if you have created your account and entered your details, click on sign in, and you are done with the process.

How to pay Macy’s Credit Card Bill Payment Online & offline?

To pay for your credit card bills you can use 4 different methods, without any delay let us check all four methods. 

1) Offline method by visiting a nearby store: You can visit any nearby Macy’s store and the register counter. You can ask them for bill payment. This is how you can pay your Macy credit card bill offline.

2) Online method: you can log in to the Macy’s website as mentioned above, go to the payment section, click on the bill payment and pay your bill. 

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3) Mail: You can send mail to Macy’s at their mailing address. If you want to know in detail about this we have mentioned them below, you can read that.

4) Using your cell phone: You can simply call to their customer number and make your bill payments. This is explained stepwise in the upcoming points, so continue reading the article. 

How to do Macy’s credit card payment by phone number?

Paying your credit card bill by using your phone is one of the easiest methods to pay your bill. Here are three simple steps that you can follow to pay your Macy credit card bill using your phone:

Step 1: Call 888-257-6757 using your phone, this is the customer care number of Macy credit card.

Step 2: You have to mention the reason for your call

Step 3: Now give them the details, then enter the amount, bank details and make your bill payment.

What is the Payment mailing address of Macy’s credit card?

The mailing address of the Macy credit card is P.O. Box 9001108 Louisville, KY 40290-1108.

If you want to make your payments with a Macy’s credit card or a Macy’s American Express card, then use this mailing address:

6716 Grade Lane Bldg. 9,
Suite 910 Louisville,
KY 40213

How to use Macy’s Credit Card?

You can use your credit card at Macy’s store and website. If you use this card, you can get up to 5% discounts and exciting rewards. You can even use your gift card at the Macy’s store and online products. This is one of the best ways to save while shopping.

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What is the Customer Service Number of Macy’s?

You can call 00 1 513-573-7912 to get customer services from Macy. Note that this number is not for paying your bills of Macy’s credit card. If you want to pay your bill then you have to call 888-257-6757, then they will help you to pay your bill as mentioned in the above point.


When is Macy’s credit card payment due?

Within 25 days from the closing day of your bill payment, you cannot get any due. After that, you can get a due of a minimum of $2.

Can you pay Macy’s credit card in-store?

Yes, you can make your credit card bill payments at Macy’s stores.

What is Macy’s credit card payment zip code?

40290-1094 is the payment zip code.

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