Menards Credit Card Application: Know Status or Eligibility

There are many Menards credit cards that are classified as the Big cards, contractor, and commercial cards. If you want bigger profits, you must click on the big cards option. Credit card is beneficial for those who shop regularly from Menards.

The credit card comes with huge rebates and offers that are good for almost every shopper’s pocket. Every day one can avail of a 2% rebate on every purchase and also special financing offers are available for a 6 and 48-month period.

Refer to the essential features of the Menards credit card in the table below.

Annual Fees$0
Credit LimitBased on your creditworthiness
Purchase APR0 to 3.99% for a span of 6 to 48 months. It is 24.99% APR post this period
Balance Transfer APRN/A
Cash advance APRN/A
Minimum Required Credit ScoreMore than 640
Security DepositNone

STEPS for Menards credit card application

The application can be done online, at any of the Menards stores, or at a Capital One branch.

Step 1: Now, start by quickly adding your personal information like your name, SSN, and complete residential address.

Menards credit card

Step 2: Include your financial information, additional information, and acknowledgments.

Menards apply

Step 3: After you read all their information, press on the Continue tab to move to the next screen.

Menards online apply

Step 4: Read all the terms and press on the Agree tab to complete the application before you submit it.

You can simultaneously visit a Menards store for the credit card application and even go to a Capital One Branch to complete the application.

What are the application requirements?

Several application requirements will include the following;

  1. You must have a good credit score that must be 640 or more.
  2. As an applicant, you must mention your annual income and also monthly rent.
  3. Choose from the dropdown to mention the type of bank account you have.
  4. Your US address must be complete and not some PO Box address.
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Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria include the points mentioned below.

  1. You must be having an SSN (social security number).
  2. Applicants must be 18 years and above if they wish to obtain their credit card.
  3. Prove your US citizenship or at least, you must be a permanent resident of the United States.

How to check Menards Credit card application status?

To check the Menards credit card application status, you must call their toll-free number 1-800-298-4240.

You can also learn about the application status by filling up this form.

Card Pros & Cons


  1. You will get a rebate of $10 for the first $100 you will spend on the credit card.
  2. Availing of a 2% rebate at Menards and 1% with other partners and brands.
  3. No need to pay the interest if you make a payment within six months.
  4. For the Menards Big card, you get a rebate of 1% at all the branded gas stations.
  5. Rebate checks will not expire and that are no limited rewards.
  6. Rebate certificates worth $5 are sent to you every three months


  1. You can use only credit rebate certificates at Menards.
  2. Earning purchase rewards are possible with special financing.

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Is Menards credit card easy to get?

If you have a credit score of 640 or more, you can apply. You must also satisfy the other requirements and eligibilities to be able to own a credit card. It is not very hard to get one of their credit cards.

Can a Menards credit card be used anywhere?

You can use the credit card in Menards stores. You can also use the credit card in partner stores like Holiday, Kwik Star stores, Speedway, and gas stations that participate with Menards in delivering their scheme to their customers.

How long does it take to get approved for Menards credit card?

If the credit card application is complete with all your information, you will get a confirmation within 60 seconds of submitting the application form.

But if there is some confirmation pending from their end, you might have to check the application status from time to time. It can take a maximum of 14 days for approving your application.


If you want to know more about the Big credit card from Menards, read this article thoroughly to confirm the process and other details.

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