How to Renew Ontario Health Card online for Child & Others?

Living in Ontario, Canada, can add to your eligibility for a health card. The Card binds you to the Ontario Health Care system. Through the health card, individuals can access insured health care services. Try having your health card with you all the time and keep your health card number private.

You can unlock a varied number of healthcare services in your favor by possessing the card.

How to renew Ontario Health Card?

Ontario health card

To renew the Health card you can go online or in person (take an appointment online) and complete the renewal application process.

  1. There are no charges to pay for renewing the Ontario Health card online.
  2. Read their privacy policy and agree to their conditions before going to the next page.
  3. Mention if you have moved elsewhere from the place you were previously put up.
  4. Add your postal code, health card, and driver’s license information along with your driving details.
  5. Once done, provide your contact information, and review and verify the details to confirm the application process.

What are the Requirements?

To get a health card, you will need to have proof of your Canadian citizenship, Ontario residency, and identity proof.

To renew a Health card, you will be required to have proof of;

  1. Canadian citizenship or an immigration status that is OHIP-eligible.
  2. Proof of Ontario residency and ID proof must be submitted again during the renewal process.
  3. A driver’s license
  4. Living in the same address for at least 90 days.
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How to renew child’s Ontario health card?

The renewal process for your child’s health card is possible only after you have received a mail intimating you the same. You can mail them and the mail will lay down the process, you will need to follow next to renew your child’s health card if they are less or equal to 15 ½ years. Check for the list of acceptable documents from this segment.

If the mail asks you to visit a Service Ontario center, you must carry three documents with you-

  • Your child’s immigration documents like their birth certificate,
  • Ontario residency documents like your Ontario driver’s license
  • Identity proof for your child and yours too.

How to book Ontario health card renewal appointment?

  • By booking online appointments, one can reduce wait times significantly.
  • To do an online booking, visit the given link.
  • Before visiting, one must complete the COVID screening.

How to check renewal Status?

You can check from the different service centres in Ontario, or you can call them up at 1-866-532-3161.

How to get a health card in Ontario without ID?

A health card cannot be obtained without an ID in Ontario. However, if you are a refugee or an International student, you can apply for certain benefits like the COVID vaccination even without having a health card.


Is there a fee to renew health card in Ontario?

The Card can be renewed fee-free,

Where to mail Ontario health card renewal form?

The mail ID which confirms your health card expiry asking you to renew will also mention the mailing address for the health card renewal form.


Here’s all about the Health Card that can serve as a lifeline for you if you are in Ontario as a resident or a citizen.

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