MSRP ARPA Grant Application – What is It & How to Get it?

The ARPA grant application is one of the most recent projects by the American government put forth to make life better and to bridge the economic gap in place currently. The funding is being done to restore economic order in the nation again. Every organization will receive some part of the funding that must be redistributed by 31st December 2026 for the dearth that arose since 3rd March 2021.

What is MSRP ARPA Grant application?

The American Rescue Plan Act became Public Law Number 117-2 on 11th March 2021. Under this plan, each of the states is supposed to have a sum of money to mitigate the loss brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whenever the states announce the release of funds, applicants need to apply. Each State offers a grant sum and the sum of money offered might differ from one to another state.

The total fund released amounts to $1.9 trillion and aims to support the utmost essential funding, different alterations in programs, and also supports various tax policies. It is being brought forth to reduce the gap formed by the pandemic in the economy.

Allocation of funds as per the norm across departments includes:

DepartmentFunding Amount
State & Local Aid$350 billion
Agriculture$4 billion
Consumer Protection Provisions$50 million
Direct Payments to Citizens$1,400 for individuals, $2,800 for joint filers, and $1,400 for each qualifying dependent
Education$122.7 billion
Energy and Environment$4.5 billion
Expanded Unemployment BenefitsExemption of the first $10,200 earned towards employment benefits
Health and Human Services$92.2 billion of total funding out of it some funds worth mentioning are; $8.5 billion- CDC $47.8 billion- COVID-19 testing $8.5 billion- Vaccine
Homeland Security$50.8 billion
Housing$27.4 billion for rental assistance in emergencies and the rest of the amount in other processes.
Small Business Provisions $7.25 billion
Technology, Broadband, and Cyber$9.5 billion
Transportation and Infrastructure$30.5 billion: Aviation Funding- $8 billion: Railway Funding-$1.7 billion
Veterans$14.4 billion

Who is Eligible for the ARPA Grant application?

Individuals sending their applications will need to complete the following:

  1. Those individuals applying for the AEPA Grants must fill in an application form.
  2. Residents of a particular state can only apply for the ARPA grants directed toward the State people.
  3. The individual or a particular household might be impacted by COVID-19.
  4. Those applying for the funds under ARPA across any of the departments allocated with the fund must be under 200% of the Federal poverty level as per the household size.
  5. There must be unpaid expenses in the category under which the grant is being offered.
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What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the ARPA grant sanctions on an individual level for any of the sections involve the following;

  1. Residency bills might be required for verifications.
  2. Income verification-related documents will also be submitted by the individual. Pay stubs from the past 30 days might prove the income details.
  3. Bills dated 30 days back must be added to the application.
  4. Verification documents must be submitted within 15 days of the request being raised.

Applications can also be made by the individual organizations that function under a particular department when asking for funds. These funds will need to get further generated within the individuals.

ARPA Grant Application

Applications will need to get filled differently for different cities under different states.

As for ARPA funding in Roanoke City, your application will somewhat look like this;

  • Include the following in the application about the individual who is willing to receive the funds. Add the applicant’s name, SSN, gender, birth date, and racial details in the first section of the application.
  • Include contact details including the detailed mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • In the next segment detail the people who are part of your household.
  • Include your relationship with the applicant, income received from employment, and unemployment, and also include other incomes.

Do this for the number of people who are a part of this grant.

Include all the relevant details of the income reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • State the particular division where you went below the standard income levels.
  • Electronically sign and date the application form and agree to their terms and conditions.

ARPA Grant Application Benefits

The ARPA funds have been institutionalized to provide relief apart from reinforcing the economy within the States and across the nations. Different communities and departmental wings can give away grants to individuals impacted by COVID-19.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to pay back the ARPA grant?

No, individuals who take up the grant do not need to pay it back in any way. Grants are being given to mobilize enough wealth in the population that the dearth that was created by COVID-19 settles quickly.

Can ARPA funds be used for grant match?

ARPA funds can be used for making the non-federal grant match and any other forms of matches are not possible since these grants are temporary by nature.

How much is the ARPA grant?

It differs from one state to another state when it comes to the number of sanctions from the ARPA grant. Grant size will vary from one department to another and from one state to another.


ARPA grants are being released worldwide and are being granted to mitigate major issues that have come up in human lives during this course of time. Those who wish to take up the ARPA grants must keep a tab on the ARPA grant release fund websites over the period.

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