Revvi Credit Card Login and do Payment Online and Offline

Revvi offers a VISA card that can be used like any ordinary VISA card online and in different shopping outlets. You need a credit score of about 540 to have the card and due to its slightly low credit score requirements, it is good for those who are trying to improve their credit scores, The credit card is competitive in terms of offers and rewards.

How to do Revvi credit Card login?

Revvi Credit Card Login

The Revvi credit card is issued by the MRV Bank and gives you a 1% cashback on each of the installment payments you give back. It means you can take a credit from them and when you give them back the credit amount due or a part of it, you get 1% cashback. So, if you give them back $100, you will get $1 cash in return for making the payment.

To apply for the Revvi credit card you need not sign into any account. The site has the application form right on the home page.

It also has a pay program fee option, activates your card tab, mail offers, and Revvi rewards segment. For any of these actions, you do not have to create a sign-in route.

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How to make Revvi credit card payment?

Payment can be directly made into the Revvi credit card app. To make the payments, here is what you have to do.

  1. Revvi Credit Card login to the app.
  2. Choose the tab that allows you to return the installment.
  3. Fill in the amount you want to deduct.
  4. Use your connected credit card/debit card or bank account.
  5. Pull out the money and repay your installment.
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You can also call them at 800.755.9203 to make the payments.

How to cancel Revvi Credit Card?

Call up their customer service number (800-755-9203) to cancel your credit card or email them at [email protected].

Customer Service Number

The customer service number for the Revvi credit card is 800-755-9203.


Here’s a bit about the Revvi credit card and if you want to consider having it, you can go through the given information to understand the process better.

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