Seventh Avenue Credit Card Application – Eligibility, Fees & limit

The Seventh Avenue credit card is a card that comes with a nil annual fee deposit. Paying off the purchases can happen within 12 to 47 months and by responsibly using it, you can increase your power to purchase more. If you are frequently shopping from Seventh Avenue, you can use the credit card to buy your items now and make the payments at a later date.

While paying for the purchases for 47 months, you might end up paying more than what you’d pay for a 12-month. The real part of the Seventh Avenue card is that you can build up your credit score using this card.

Seventh Avenue Credit Card Application

Seventh Avenue credit card

When you want to apply for the Seventh Avenue credit card application, you must do the following.

  1. Firstly visit
  2. Add your title, first and last name, complete address, and city, the state with your zip code.
  3. Include your email ID and confirm it. Further, add your password and confirm it again.
  4. Add your account number or EZ number.
  5. Finally, click on the Create Account tab.

Once done, click on the Seventh Avenue credit card application.

  • Fill in your personal details carefully.
  • Add your professional and educational requirements.
  • Include your identification number and SSN (social security number).

What are the application Requirements?

The application requirements include the following points.

  1. The first application requirement will be your credit score which must be 630.
  2. Submit your government-issued ID card.
  3. Declare your social security number (SSN).
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The Seventh Avenue credit card application is for those who shop regularly from their outlets. If you are not an ardent shopper from Seventh Avenue, you must not opt for the card. Since the credit card does not influence your credit score in any way.

Annual fees

The annual fee for the credit card is zero currently which means you don’t have to pay anything for acquiring a Seventh Avenue credit card.

Credit Card Limit

There is no set credit limit for the Seventh Avenue credit card.

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There are several benefits of having the Seventh Avenue credit card.

  1. The approval process is faster.
  2. They provide a balance payment option
  3. Monthly payments are very low.
  4. Constructing the buying power offered by credit cards is amazing.

Does Seventh Avenue Credit card give instant approval?

If you have chosen a credit while placing the order, your credit card received instant approval that very moment.


Here’s all about the Seventh Avenue credit card, the card in itself, is a wonderful asset for those who love shopping from Seventh Avenue. If you want to know more about their credit card, why don’t you read the blog to know more?

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