How to update srd sassa gov za banking details online?

What are the SRD Sassa Gov Za banking details?

The COVID-19 grant is being given to all those who have been impacted terribly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lives of many have taken a setback and as people attempt to return to normalcy, the government is doing all that they can for the people. The South African government is providing R350 grants for the elderly and children and their families.

Simply fill up the SASSA form from the site. But before that, carefully go through the eligibility criteria for obtaining such grants. While filling up the application, you will have to provide your bank details. It is where your grant would be deposited for the next few months. 

Bank details would include the name of the bank, your bank account number (the one you use actively for money transactions), accountholders name, and other details concerning your bank account. This is the account where you will get your R350 SASSA grant.

How to update srd sassa gov za banking details online? Details submission

How to update srd sassa banking details?

To alter the SRD SASSA bank details here’s what you need to do.

  • A unique link is sent to you through SMS.
  • Click on the link and carefully follow the instructions.
  • You must ensure the mobile number you’re using is registered in your name.
  • After clicking on the link, provide your updated details in the spaces provided. Follow the instructions carefully to successfully complete your banking application.
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How to do banking details submission?

To submit the banking details, all you need to do is, simply fill in your revised details in the form.

Once the details have been filled in, click on the submit button to ensure the changes are registered.

A validation message will show up stating that your submission has been successful. Wait till the message comes up before closing the browser.

How to banking details status check balance?

To check the application, 

  • Click on the login to the website link, 
  • Then click on the application status option.
  • Fill the reference number
  • Click on check status

Wait till the status of your application is revealed.

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