How to Use Target Credit Card & Pay Target Card bill?

The Target Credit Card is a closed-loop card with which you can get a 5% discount at any Target store or

You cannot, however, get a cash advance with your credit card. After taking the card, log in to the Target page and press the Easy Activation and Card Management option. That’s it! Now start using your credit card effortlessly anywhere you want.

How to use Target credit card before it arrives?

Use Target Credit Card

Try to get your card, visit any of their stores, and ask the cashier for a receipt. The receipt will contain a barcode that can be scanned. You will have the credit limit mentioned on the receipt along with the date on which your credit card application was accepted and your signature.

You can use this credit card receipt until your original card arrives.

How to Target credit card bill pay?

Paying the Target credit card bill is possible using four principal means.

  1. Online mode is the best payment option.
  2. The next best way to pay is through phone by dialing the number 800-659-2396.
  3. Pay through physical stores at the guest service counters.
  4. You can also mail them the amount to the address mentioned in your billing statement.

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Where can you use?

The card can be used in Target stores both online and offline. It is a closed-loop card and thus, can be used only in Target stores and not in any other place other than Target. Closed-loop cards are very different from open-look cards.

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Closed-loop cards can be used only in that specific store or organization from where it is purchased. On the other hand, open-loop credit cards are manufactured by one company but can be used anywhere and everywhere to draw money.

Can I use Target credit card anywhere?

No, you can use this credit card only in Target stores either at their physical stores or online stores. Being closed loop is the only limitation why you can’t use the card anywhere else other than the Target offline and online stores.


Here’s a bit about the Target credit card and what you can’t. Before you purchase a credit card, you must read the information provided here.

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