X1 Credit Card Application Online [invite code] – Are You Eligible?

Are you looking for that one card that can solve all your problems instantly? The X1 credit card is one of its kind and is here to make lives easier for those who acquire it. It’s 17 grams of pure stainless steel, made to revolutionize your world.

What is X1 credit card application?

The absolute credit card with 5 times higher credit limit offerings compared to traditional cards. Higher limits can mean higher credit scores. Are you curious to know how? When you work using a card with higher limits, the utility scores lower with each spend you make. Compared to the utility scores on cards with lower limits, credit cards with higher limits offer greater freedom and thus better credit scores.

Additionally, one can earn points twice higher as on other cards for every dollar spent. For expenditures more than $15,000, you can earn points three times more for each dollar spent for a complete year. Each referral gives you points four times the normal. These points never expire and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Steps for X1 Credit Card Application online

To apply, you must request an invite by filling up your first and last name, email, and annual income. Currently, you might be part of the waiting list.

If you already have the invitation, and you left it somewhere midway, get back to your application, through this link.

  1. Add your phone number to begin the application process.

If you have an invite code, submit it and click the submit tab.

  • Once you log in, create your account and start filling in details.
  • Add your personal information, income-related details, and professional, and address details.
  • Once done, complete your identification process- submit documents that can identify your income, address, and identity.
  • After completing the process, apply and wait to hear back.
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What are the application requirements?

Here’s what you require for filing an X1 credit card.

  1. Mainly your annual income is what will get counted for acquiring the credit card.
  2. A soft credit pull is done before providing the credit card and is soft on your pocket.
  3. Appropriate identification cards for confirming your identity, address, and financial conditions.


  1. The person must surely be 18 years and above.
  2. The person’s earning will hold priority instead of their credit scores.

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How to Check X1 Credit Card Application Status?

Once you have made an application, you can login anytime to check your credit scores.

Annual fees

Most amazingly the x1 credit card comes with a zero annual fee.

X1 Credit card Invite Code

You can either request an invite code or it has to be sent to you by someone.

To request an invite code, visit the given link and fill in the information required. It includes your name, income level, and email address.



After being in beta version for six months, the card is being finally rolled out. If you are interested in having this card, do put in a request and join the waitlist for receiving the invite code.

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