Zip Oyster Card 11-15 & 18+ Application Guide

Traveling with a ticket is essential and if your children travel via tram and bus in London, you might want to have a look at this article. Most of the children take different conveyances to reach school, meet friends, and visit parents and relatives. Children between 11 and 15 years can use the Zip Oyster photo card to ease their travel facilities.

What is Zip Oyster Card?

A Zip Oyster card can allow your child to travel for free on buses and trams. Children who are over 10 years and 11 months and below 16 years as of 31st August can use the Oyster card for travel. With its help, your children can get travel for free on trams and buses. Additionally, they will have to pay child fares on Tube, DLR, and London overground and in different national rail services.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for the Zip oyster card 11-15 if you fulfil the following;

  1. You are either between 11 years and 16 years and if you are above 18 years. Both age groups can get hold of the Zip Oyster card.
  2. All these students need to be residing in a London borough during their term time.
  3. They must be enrolled in a school or college or work in compulsory work surrounding during this period.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements of 11 to 15 and 16+ Oyster cards will include an age-proof certificate. You can submit either of the two proofs.

  1. Date of birth verification can be done by entering your passport number.
  2. You can also download a verification letter from TfL and visit a London post office. Use a passport, European ID card, birth certificate or biometric residency permit. If the post office finds all information to be correct, they will confirm your age directly to the TfL.

For an 18+ Oyster card, you must fulfil the following;

  1. To get the benefits, you must have 15 tuition-led or structured learning hours within a week schedule with a Monday to Friday class schedule.
  2. If you receive an NHS bursary for a full-time course.
  3. Full-time postgraduate students studying in a course for 15 hours a week can also apply.
  4. An officer on a sabbatical leave.
  5. Those who are enrolled in a part-time course for a minimum of 14 weeks.
  6. If you are in a London borough for the term period.
  7. A digital photo of your child is essential.
  8. A color image of your child’s passport is essential.
  9. To pay the administration fee of £15, you must enter a debit or credit card.
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Zip Oyster Card application

It is not available in the US and the facility is available only in London.

For the Zip Oyster card 11-15 application, you must have an online account with them.

  1. Open an account in your name if your child is somewhere between 11 to 16 years old.
  2. Add your personal information like birth date, and name.
  3. Include your contact details like your mobile number.
  4. Include your debit or credit card details alongside your income details.
  5. After you fill it out, take the proofs and the application print to a post office and submit it. For complete process you can follow this guide.


Benefits of the Zip Oyster card will include;

  • Free travel facilities on buses and tram stations.
  • You can find reduced pay facilities for tube stations and other facilities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a Zip Card app?

Yes, there is a Zip card app and with its help, you can use it for managing the contactless and Oyster cards readily together.

How long does it take to get a Zip Card?

The Zip oyster card 11-15 application is available almost within 2 weeks. You must wait for that period while they verify your account details and information.


The Zip card application 11-15 is one of the best options for those who want to avail of free travel for their children. To apply for the card, parents should apply if the child is between 12 years and 16 years age.

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