Garage Squad Application Online Process Guide

Garage Squad tries to get those killer vehicles and trucks right on the road and rescues them from their death. In all of these, there are beautiful struggle stories that are there to share. There are many television shows on motorsports and bikes. Each of these series will have its own agenda as does Garage squad, a new addition to the different series.

If you are working with Garage Squad, you must be on your project and must be stuck on it for some reason. Your vehicle can be the next on the garage squad and it will take 7 days to make it into an ultimate new vehicle. A dream vehicle is what they promise to turn it into whenever you join in.

Right now they are accepting submission forms with your story about the car in them. When you submit a form, you already will start getting their newsletter and information on their loyalty program.

The vehicle selection is handled solely by the Garage Squad at Super Genius Inc. Productions.

Garage Squad Application Process

Your car will be in able hands with Bogi, Joe Zolper, Bruno Massel, Cy, Ronnie, and Kingster working for a week on your vehicle.

visit the Official website to start the application process

The application form for Garage Squad is online and you must follow the below process to complete it.

  • Tell your story with their application form apart from adding details about yourself and your car.

The first segment begins with your name, email address, and phone number. Add your city and state also in the given box.

application form for Garage Squad
  • Next, you must add about your car. The details they ask for are the project car year, the present location of the car, and vehicle type.
Garage Squad application form
  • Address your project car description and also the name of the person you are nominating, if it is not your car.
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application form apply
  • Include your story and also add your project car photos, somewhere up to five.
application form online apply
  • To add more include your YouTube video link with details and add your verification if you are a robot or not. Click on the Submit tab to complete the Garage Squad process.
Video for application form

What are Garage Squad Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the series include the following;

  1. Add your email address, phone number, and physical mailing address.
  2. Include details in the application with the reason why you want it to be turned into a dream car.

Who is Eligible?

Your car is eligible if it fulfills the following conditions of Garage Squad Application.

  • You need to add your project car’s year, make, and model number.
  • A YouTube video link and five photos of your car will be essential.
  • Interior photos, exterior photos, and also under hood images need to be submitted.
  • The place of your home, garage and work area too needs to go in.
  • Photos of the owner and the family members also will have to be added.

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Does Garage Squad pay for everything?

Yes, Garage Squad pays for everything required for the repair of your car. It is basically covered by the show and sponsors of the show.

Is Garage Squad only for Chicago?

They are currently located in Mid-West but they wish to expand through the coasts.


Garage Squad is quite popular as people who have similar models get to learn a lot from the show. They also get to participate or refer someone, if they know of someone.

Each episode takes 30 hours to film and except for a few tweaks rest of the show is pretty original.

Fill out the application form and complete the process if you wish to see your car in the show. Find more about the Garage Squad application process here.

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