How to Check BDO Credit Card Application Status?

BDO offers a lot of different financial services including investments and trusts, loans, and credit cards. Alongwith it, you also get insurance from them alongwith rewards. The BDO credit card online services are quite a popular point for Filipino residents. The credit card reports your credit scores once every month so if you want to build your credit scores, you can go with these credit cards.

The BDO Unibanks and other relevant trademarks are issued by BDO. With these credit cards, you can extend your benefits to your family members and also control their speed.

If you have made an application, you can find more details about the way you can check your application status in this article.

How to Check BDO credit card Application Status?

The application can be filed easily online by visiting the following link.

Step 1- The first step will be to select the credit card type from the 8 available options.

Step 2- Add your name and the way it would appear on your card and also include your Promo code if any.

BDO credit card application status

Step 3- Include your personal information and then include essential documents.

BDO credit card
BDO application status

If you want to check your application status post submitting the application, you can either go online or call them up.

  • Login to your online account and then follow the command prompts to visit the Credit Cards tab > Services > Card application status.

1.    Click on check the application status tab to view the status of your application.

  • To go online and check your application status, you will need to enter your TIN or SSS number and also your 10-digit application ID number.
  • You can also call the nearest branch where you applied for the application. Once you call them up, press 2 for the credit card application status query.
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Status of application

How long does it take for card approval?

The standard credit card approval process takes around 7 working days. The approval process begins only after the final documents are submitted.

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How to track card status?

You can track by calling your branch or their service center and can also go online to track your BDO credit card application status.

However, soon after your credit card is approved, you will receive a mail or an SMS stating the same.

How to inquire BDO credit card application status?

To inquire about your credit card, call the call center number and then press 2 to reach the center for inquiring about the application status.

You can also inquire about your nearest branch office for the credit card application status.

While trying to find out the application status, you need to state your application number and your TIN or SSS number.

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Credit card application status checking is generally not a recommended task. Most people applying for their credit cards will get them in the stipulated period. However, even after you have submitted all the details and still haven’t heard back from them in a week or ten days, you might need to find out more about it by calling them up or by going online.

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