Blueroof US Program Application Guide – How to Sign Up?

Storms and natural calamities can be major deterrents for your homes and belongings. Some areas are prone to the calamities that frequent different lands in the United States. Storms and hurricanes are quite common and bring major devastation to even permanent households. Every year such devastation demand people spend hundreds of dollars towards renovation. Worse still, damaged houses need to be temporarily evacuated until they are completely repaired.

However, currently, there is a provision to stay indoors in your home even after the hurricane ruins it. Find out how from the below article.

What is BlueRoof Program Application?

The Blue Roof Program is an absolutely free service by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who renovate your place in case of damage with fiber-reinforced sheeting. This kind of arrangement can allow people to live in their accommodation unless complete renovation is undertaken for a place.

Currently, Operation Blueroof is available in different counties and areas within the US. With its help, you can decrease the cost of temporary housing, protect properties and help residents stay within their homes while recovering from the impacts of the storm and hurricane.

Blue Roof application process

Who is Eligible for BlueRoof US Application?

You are eligible for the Blue Roof US application if you fit in the following;

  1. Only primary residencies of homeowners will be provisioned through the program.
  2. At least 50% of the roof needs to be intact for the house to be eligible for the program.
  3. The resident needs to certify that they are the lawful residents of the place and that they can either be the owner or the tenant.
  4. They also need to certify that after the renovation they will continue to live in the residence.
  5. The standard shingles are what the roof must be made of so that the tarp can be nailed to it. They will also repair mobile housing structures leaving apart clay and another kind of roofs.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are just two in-detailed application requirements and that includes an appropriate photograph of the house to assess the damage caused. You must also add a brief description to understand your home’s condition.

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How to Apply for Blueroof US application?

The application and sign-up process are the same for the Blueroof US application. Below we mentioned the sign up process which is nothing but the application process for getting the Blueroof US application.

How to Sign up to

You can sign up for Operation Blue Roof by following the below process.

  • Start by clicking on the link, Operation and click on the sign up option to start the application process.
Blue Roof US Application
  • Currently, you can get the free service only in a few counties and parishes. You can get them at Charlotte, Collier, Lee and Sarasota County.
Blue Roof US Apply here
Click on the Proceed tab from the dropdown to start the application process. Immediately you will get an option to add the PIN to the respective site.
Blueroof US online apply
  • Add if you are using the property as your primary residence.
Blue Roof primary apply
  • Add if the property is a time sharing apartment for the owners. If it is a time-share, you are not eligible for the tarp support.
Blue Roof US online details
  • State if you are the owner of the property and if you would be living in the house after the repair is done.
Blueroof application
  • Next, state if the roof is made up of any type of slate or tile material and also if the roof is flat.
Blueroof apply details
  • Answer if at least half of the roof is intact and if there is any debris over the roof that might hinder tarp placement in any way.
Details of Blue Roof
  • Answer if the property is more than one story, and if there are any animals the workers need to be aware of.
Blue Roof apply here
  • Add your name or if you are the applicant or add the name of the applicant alongwith the exact address followed by a description of the residence and alongwith your primary phone number and email address.
Personal information blue roof
Contact them Blue Roof US
  • Add your comments or remarks in the available 2000 characters and also select and add photos.
Comment and photos Blue Roof
  • Read all the details and then add the right of entry assessment.
Right of Entry agreement Blueroof US

Click on the Submit information tab to complete the Blue Roof application details.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Contact Details?

You call them at 1-888-ROOF-BLU (1-888-766-3258) for details. Apart from filling out the form, you can contact them if you want to cancel the tarping.

What is Blue Roof Application Process?

The application is reviewed for details and when visiting your home, they will carry the right of the entry form and ID cards with them.

How to Check Blue roof application Status?

If you wish to check the application status, cancel your request or find the right-to-entry status, you can call them at (888) 766-3258.


Blur Roof application provides you with the right to proper accommodation rectification measures until permanent mending is undertaken. Until appropriate mending is done, you can protect yourself and your house using the free service facilities.

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