Dream Act Application Guide – Know if You Are Eligible or not

The Dream Act application is available as part of the two bills- AB 130 and 131. The bills are there to ensure that even undocumented students can take up institutional and state aid. Many students who move abroad from other countries find themselves in difficult situations. Education is a costly affair and loans are not the option for many. But with this Dream Act in place, even those students who are not documented can take up their educational courses with the help of state and other available grants.

How to apply for Dream Act Application?

Dream Act Application

To apply for the Dream Act application, you must fill out the application from official website.

Here you must apply with educational information and also your personal details and other such relevant details.

These are the following information you need to fill in;

  1. Student identification details
  2. Grade levels must be added
  3. College degrees and certificate must be incorporated.
  4. You have to choose schools and also need to determine dependency.
  5. Add the number of family members you have alongwith the number of college students in the household and also your parents family details.
  6. Add your signatures when you finish adding all the essential details in the application form.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for the Dream Act application include;

  • You must be 15 years or younger and must have come to the US before the enactment.
  • Those who apply must have a decent moral character.
  • They must be eligible for permanent legal status or citizenship.
  • If they have served the US armed forces or have graduated with a two-year College degree can apply.
  • The candidate must submit the GPA certificate to the student aid commission in their state.
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Who is Eligible?

The eligibility for the Dream Act will include the following;

  1. You shouldn’t be eligible for FAFSA if you want to apply for the application.
  2. Residents of particular states can only apply for the Dream Act application in their state.
  3. Those who want to apply must fill in the AB 540 nonresident tuition exemptions.
  4. You must complete the application every year to be able to enjoy the benefits.

How much is the Dream Act application?

Usually, no state charges for the application. The application can be filled out absolutely free of cost. You can file it anyway you want- electronically or via paper applications.

How to check California Dream Act application status?

To check your application status, you can do your status check by going online to dream.csac.ca.gov.

You can check your paper application status 28 days after you have filed the application and you can do this by calling the CSAC.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Dream Act still available?

The application is not open for this year and only this October it will release again the applications for the next year.

Where can I renew my Dream Act application?

You can always renew your application online through the Dream Act online portal.

Can Dream Act students apply for FAFSA?

No, those who apply for Dream Act cannot apply for FAFSA in any way. If they apply for FAFSA, they will not be entitled to apply for FAFSA.


Everything you need to know about the Dream Act is available in this article. Find out about the requirements, eligibilities, application process and all other details you must know about it.

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