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Nursing people back to health is a difficult process, and people who do it need a thorough understanding of the human body and also need to know their jobs firsthand. Those who wish to study nursing, midwifery, postgraduate, and diploma courses can do it at Limpopo Nursing College, which is one of the most reputed ones in South Africa.

They offer rewarding and proper degrees and provide accredited training facilities. Limpopo offers safe and competent education, and their educators are well trained to train the next generation. Those who do not hear back from the college by the end of February 2023 can consider their application unsuccessful.

For the 2023 applications, the following campuses are running the programs: Giyani, Sovenga, Sekhukhune, and Thohoyandou campuses.

The application process can be completed online. You will need to pay the application fee for every subject you apply for. However, only those who have been chosen will receive an email from them.Once you receive the mail with the registration dates, you will need to log in to the online Limpopo portal on the date assigned to you and then register your qualification formally with them there.

Nursing applications require a payment of R200 for South Africans and R750 for international applicants. There is a registration fee.

Limpopo College of nursing online application 2023 closing date

Completed application forms for 2023 admissions can be mailed from April 1 to August 31, 2022. No late applications are accepted by them currently, and each year the students can apply for the preceding year.

Opening date

Usually by the first of April, you will be able to start filling out the application form. If you wish to apply for the courses next year, you can start by understanding when and how you should apply.

Limpopo online application Requirements

Requirements for the Limpopo Nursing College include fulfilling the following documents:

  • Your academic credentials need to be submitted, which means that for the nursing training, you need to add your senior school certificate.
  • If you have any tertiary academic records, those too need to go into your admission requirements.
  • Your ID document or your ID or passport (for non-resident South Africans).
  • Those who are married must submit a marriage certificate, and those who are divorced must submit a divorce decree.
  • The ones who do not have the documents in English or Arkansas must provide sworn translations if required.
  • Those who want to apply must submit a year-end report for Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 with an NQF Level 1 qualification.


Eligibility criteria for Limpopo online application 2023 almost remain the same as different kinds of nursing courses aim for the same stream. There are eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled, such as:

  • You will need to have a working email address and a working phone number.
  • The number of ID learner copies that need to be submitted by an applicant must be six.
  • A parent or guardian ID must have two digits.
  • All applicants will need to provide at least one photo ID of themselves.
  • An applicant needs to have at least 21 points when the admission score is calculated from the subject percentage that the student secures.
  • One needs to add the TEAS test score that one takes, which cannot be beyond January 10th, 2021, if they are applying for the 2023 batch.
  • Applicants also need to complete the age quota prescribed by the course, as no one beyond a certain age limit can take up the course.
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Limpopo nursing college

You can either submit an online application when applying to the Limpopo College of Nursing. Simultaneously, you can also apply through their online portal during the due dates available.

  • Online application forms are available online.
  • A handling fee of R200 for South African citizens and R750 for international applicants is a must.
  • The application form will contain several segments that must be filled out by you, including the personal information segment followed by the education segment, the experience field, and other details.
  • You must also pay your application fee and mention the proof surrounding it.
  • Include all of your identity information as well as any other required application processes by following the prompts.
  • Fill in all these different segments carefully before submitting the application form online.

Currently, the application form is unavailable and will only become available when there is an open application next year.

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UL application

Limpopo College of nursing online application fee details

The Limpopo College of Nursing application fee details will include the below fee structure.

Limpopo DegreesAmount as fees to be paid
Post Graduate DiplomaR6000 yearly
4 Year DiplomaR6000 yearly
Bridging Program (1st Year)R3000
Bridging Program (2nd Year)R4000
Diploma in Midwifery  for 1 YearR6000 annually
Community Nursing Science Diploma for 1 YearR3000 per year
Certificate Courses (Nursing Auxiliary)R 3000 yearly
Enrolled Nursing (1st Year)R3000
Enrolled Nursing (2nd Year)R4000

There are different departments that come together to provide substantial funding and include the EC health department, SETA Learnership for health, and welfare.

Public and private sector employees must find their own means as there is no provision of funding for them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Nursing Applications open for 2023?

Currently, the nursing applications are not open, and due to this, you cannot apply for the Limpopo online application 2023. They open every year from April to August, and if an applicant is interested, they must submit their applications as soon as possible once they open for that particular session.


Here is all that you need to know about joining the University of Limpopo online application 2023 known for their nursing programs. When you wish to join any course or program, you must find the best articles that can help you understand the online application process. Read more about the requirements and the eligibility criteria before understanding how to fill out the application form.

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