How to check BLS Application status? (A Quick Guide)

Want to know more about BLS International and prepare your visa for traveling? Get all the information related to the BLS application in this blog and learn how to check the BLS application status and processing time. This blog will make you clear your queries, and the guide will speed up your visa process for sure.

What is the BLS application?

BLS application

BLS International is a Trusted Global Tech-Enabled Service for the government and citizens. It includes an entire system around which information dissemination, an automated application, biometric enrolment, remittance fees, and an appointment system revolve. In the last few years, the process of visas has been developed innovatively. The company offers services that include visa application, visa issues, and secure management. BLS has also introduced a state-of-the-art customized to make a pleasant experience for all applicants.

How to check the BLS application status?

BLS International allows applicants to check their application status online through the official website. One can check out the application status by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website through by which you have applied for a visa or passport

Step 2: Go for the “Passport Services” or “Consular Services”

Step 3: Find out the option or page for tracking your application status

Step 4: Enter the reference number and other required details provided earlier during the application.

Step 5: Enter the “Submit” button after entering the required details.

Step 6: Now, the application status will occur on the monitor.

How long does the BLS application take? 

According to the latest update from the Consulate General of India, the authority only accepts visa applications indirectly. Along with it, they do not ensure any applicant that the application for a visa will be granted. The grant of a visa entirely depends on the Consulate. The entire procedure of BLS application may take 30 days from the application date. 

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The validity of the visa begins from the date of issue. Moreover, the applied passport on the visa must have 2 blank pages, and the validation should be more than 190 days. Visa applicants are suggested to only purchase tickets after obtaining the visa. Per the Consulate body’s instruction, applicants can be asked to come for an interview or verification. The absence of an interview may cause the rejection of the passport.


Which visa should one apply for?

Although the Spain Visa Application Centre is the centre, an applicant needs to find out which visa category is eligible for him/her for travel.

What is the visa application fee?

The Visa application fee depends on the visa category.

Which documents are required for visa application?

After choosing the visa category, an applicant needs to go through the web page of the selected category to know the required documents.


Those people who are about to apply for a visa at BLS must go through the latest update and rules led by the Spain Visa Application Centre. Before applying for a visa at the BLS center, one must decide on the visa category. One can choose a visa category according to their requirement and budget. They need to follow the entire procedure to obtain a visa. Moreover, an applicant has to apply for a visa at least 180 days before travel. In case of a pending document, it has to be submitted within 14 days. 

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