Eastman School of Music Application Process, Acceptance rate

What is Eastman school of music?

Music is the central theme around which the Eastman School of Music is built. Studying music in classes, doing music through rehearsals, and giving scholarships to students who seek to study music come packed together. Their favorite logo is Eat, Sleep, Music! One of the premier institutions for learning music, Eastman has the right resources to prepare children the right way for music. Rochester University operates a separate wing for a musical education that goes by the name of Eastman School of Music.

Eastman is an awesome community that works well for artists, performers, scholars, and composers of music. Music can save souls and in this chaotic world of decision-making, if your heart lies in music, read further to know more about the application process.

Eastman School of Music Application Process

Online applications are the norm for almost every institution in the world in these COVID times and Rochester has a separate application process for Eastman for the Fall and Spring sessions 2022.

If you wish to consider a music course, here are a few steps that will guide you to completing the application form. But, if you want a dual degree like a BM and a BA or BS, you must send in your applications to Rochester University and not Eastman in this case. To create an Eastman online application, here is what you must do.

  • Visit the official website for registering if you don’t already have an account. It includes adding your first, and last name, email address, and birth date to your profile.
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Eastman School of Music
Eastman School of Temporary PIN
  • A temporary PIN will be sent to your email address, and then add the birth date again to log in.
Register online for Eastman
  • After finishing the registration process, start filling the application form. Add your basic details, educational, and professional qualifications, your experience in music and your interests.
  • Add your essential documents to the mail and submit the application form.

What are the application requirements?

The most essential of all is a recording of your musical talent. Uploading it to your site is essential when making the application. You’d need to add the following requirements to your Eastman School of Application.

  1. Upload a recording to the site
  2. Include your application fee
  3. Add your SAT and ACT scores
  4. Personal marks statements and other transcripts
  5. Include your resume and recommendations
  6. For international students, an English test score also needs to be submitted.

How to Check Eastman School Application Status?

You will receive a mail from time to time about the Eastman School application process. You can simultaneously log into your application screen and check the status from the application status section as well.

What is the Acceptance Rate 2022-23?

The acceptance rate of Eastman School of Music is 12.5-13% almost every year of the total applications submitted.

Eastman School of Music Application Deadline

The last date of the application is to be updated. If you have not yet applied and want to apply, this is the last day and you must hurry up.


Music is in the soul of its creator but to bring it to your fingertips, you will need to learn from the best masters. If you are willing to learn music then don’t miss the opportunity to apply to Eastman school but before that make sure, you read this blog.

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