Juilliard School Application – Know Fees, Acceptance Rate & More

What is the Juilliard application?

Julliard is a premier institute of performing arts and hosts dance, drama, music, and dance. Over many years, students have been using Julliard’s platform for learning and growing in their artistic pursuits. One of the best schools of performing arts opens its doors every year for students to join and learn by filling up the Juilliard school application.

Are you passionate about dance and drama? Do you love music and the stage?

Is the lights, action, camera your goal?

If Julliard is for you. Read how you can make the Juilliard School Application from the below segments.

Steps for Juilliard School Application

Any application cannot be made without signing up for an account with Julliard’s website. To create an account, here are the steps you must follow.

  1. Click on the given link for registration with Julliard’s portal.
  2. Add your email address, first and last name with our birth before pressing the Continue tab.
Juilliard School Application

3. Once you fill-up the requirements, you will be sent an OTP in your mail. You can also sign up through your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts.

Juilliard School Application
4. Add your PIN and re-enter your birth date and then click on the Continue tab to reach the next page.

5. Set your password as shown below and tap the Set Password tab.

Juilliard School Application

6. After going off to the next page, read the instructions and requirements carefully before scrolling down to begin the new application. Next, start the application by clicking on the New Application tab as seen.

Juilliard School Application

7. This is the page that will open up for you from where you must choose an application type from the dropdown.

8. This is the page that will open up for you from where you must choose an application type from the dropdown.

Juilliard School Application

9. Choose your program type and then fill the application form. Based on the program you choose your screen questions might vary.

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Juilliard School Application
Juilliard School Application

10. Accept the terms and conditions and after clicking on the continue tab, you will be taken to the page where you must select your subject from the dropdown.

Juilliard School Application

11. Continue filling the entire application as displayed below.

Juilliard School Application

12. Start filling the application form by feeding the information required in the desired sections.

Once all the segments are filled, submit the application and complete the process.

What are the Juilliard School Application Requirements?

Based on the stream you select, your requirements will vary. To know more about your requirements, choose the admission requirement tab from the Main Menu and tap on the stream you are interested in.

Juilliard School Application

If you choose Dance, you will see a screen as given below and once you click it, you can find more information about your course.

Juilliard School Application

Application Fees

Application fees for different programs vary from one another but all are non-refundable. Below you can find the application fees of a few popular streams.

StreamApplication Fee
Dance (4+ years)$80
Bachelor of Fine Arts$110
Masters of Fine Arts$110
Summer Dance Intensive$40
Summer string quartet seminar$65
Summer Percussion Seminar$50
Different Musical instrumentsDifferent prices
Application Fees

Juilliard Acceptance Rate 2022-23

In the past years, Juilliard has maintained a steady acceptance rate of 7% to 7.6%. This year will not differ as the acceptance rate is stringent since the admission procedure is extremely restricted.

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Application Deadline

The application deadline for different courses must be checked from their website. December 1st was the last date for filling up the application form.

How much does it cost to apply to Juilliard?

Different courses have different prices and one must refer to their website for knowing the price of the program you’re interested in.

What GPA do you need for Juilliard?

The average GPA for getting admissions to Juilliard is 3.5 GPA score.

When does Juilliard application open?

Every year Juilliard applications open in November.


Here’s what you must do to apply for Juilliard. If you want to have a career in the performing arts then do read this blog to try your skill sets with Juilliard.

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