Govchat SASSA Application form Process Guide (Check Status)

Govchat is an app where you can find a platform for and from communication between the communities and the government. One can get the Govchat Sassa application form easily from this app.

With the help of GovChat, one can avail of a lot of schemes like the SASSA sanctions and many more from the government. It promotes better engagement between citizens and the government. Accountability lack of government officials can be easily regulated since the app is closely monitored for complaints. Better monitoring of resources and funds is possible through the app.

Municipality issues, problems around gender-based violence, COVID-19 sanctions, and services, corruption, school, and games are all managed together through this platform.

The Govchat services are also available on WhatsApp but due to technical problems, you may not be able to enjoy their service on WhatsApp. Their WhatsApp line is 082 046 8553

How to check Sassa grant eligibility with GovchaT?

There are basically three fronts being managed with the help of the GovChat app SRD grant application form.

  • Grant towards child support 
  • Grant for foster children
  • Grant for the elderly and the retired warriors.

A preliminary analysis of the requirements asks you to fulfillment of several requirements.

You need to open the requirement page and check if you fulfill all the criteria.

Apart from being able to produce an ID or refugee ID from the South African government and being 18 years of age and above, there are many other criteria that one must fulfill to be eligible for the grant.

How to Govchat Sassa Application Form?

Some of the Govchat application forms are not yet available on the website. They will be soon available on the website. Till then, users are requested to download the forms from here.

One can download the Govchat app SRD Grant or Sassa Application form by visiting the official app.

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How to apply for a Sassa grant with Govhchat App?

Do not forget, you must apply for the SASSA grant for one person just once. It can, however, be done from any site.

A few steps you need to follow to apply are;

  • Go to
  • From the login page, log in via a phone number.
  • A four-digit code comes on your phone number which has to be added to your account page.
Sassa grant application
  • Medical assessment must be completed beforehand. You can then switch off the pop-up from your screen asking for a medical assessment.
  • Provide your Whatsapp-generated reference number. If you already don’t have a form, you can instead click on the new form option.
  • The reference number has to be generated for tracking the govchat application form.

How to check the application Status with Govchat App?

  • The govchat application form status can be checked from the app by logging into it.
  • Now, click on the application status.
  • Add the reference number and then click on the check status option.

How to govchat app ecd apply?

To apply to the Govchat ECD application form here are your steps;

  • From the website, press the ECD funds from the right-hand side of your website.
  • Add a bank account for the Govchat ECD.
  • Register into the account by pressing the tab.
  • After filling up all the sections, click on the submit tab.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check your SASSA balance over your phone?

To check your Sassa balance via your phone, you need to dial *120*3210# and then must use the prompts.

When will there be the next Sassa grant?

You will be able to have the next Sassa grant only on 2nd December as the last Sassa grants were given on 2ns November.

When does Sassa pay the grant every month?

The Sassa grants come to the accounts every second day of the month and the payouts are made every month for that particular duration.


Sassa grants were introduced to help people recover from the impact of Covid. If there is a Sassa grant available for you, read the details here and those who do not have the Sassa grant can also benefit from the article by reading it. The article talks in detail about using the Gov Chat app for obtaining your Sassa grants and for filing the application.

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